Best Smart Garage Door Openers for Nest: Top 3 Picks for You

A garage door opener that works with Nest offers you easy control on both of your garage door opener and Nest devices by linking your Nest App to your garage door opener.

In other words, you can use your garage door opener app to access and control Nest Camera or Nest Thermostat and your garage door switch simultaneously.

You can check the below top reasons why you should opt to the best smart garage door openers for Nest, as well as the 3 can-not-miss picks.

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#1. Top 3 Reasons to Choose Nest-Compatible Garage Door Openers

#2. Best Smart Garage Door Openers for Nest: Top 3 Recommendations

#1. Why You Should Choose a Smart Garage Door Opener That Works with Nest

A Nest-enabled garage door opener can provide a lot of benefits so that you can enjoy a truly connected and smart home.

1. Control both smart garage door opener and Nest devices with one single app.

By linking your Nest App to your smart garage door opener, you can access the Nest Camera or Nest Thermostat & garage door remote via the door opener app.

Enjoy “One app to control all” convenience!

2. Automate your home with Works with Google Assistant capabilities with Home Routines.

The Home Routines automates smart home experience and enables you to enjoy more flexibility to make the most out of your smart home devices.

For example, when you drive your car away, the smart garage door opener would close automatically and a Home Routine can turn down your thermostat or turn off your lights.

3. Stay tuned for future compatibility.

Nest welcomes the smart home developers to participate in the Device Access for Individuals, enabling you to control your own Nest devices for your private integrations and automation.

#2. Best Nest-Compatible Smart Garage Door Openers: Top 3 Picks

If you want to buy a Nest garage door opener control, simply take a look at the below recommendations.

Our expert team had done a lot of tests and finally summarized the 3 picks for you.

1. RYOSVA WiFi Garage Door Opener for Google Nest

RYOSVA wireless garage door opener works with Google Nest so that you can control Nest devices simultaneously with the RYOSVA App.

Simply tap on the app to remotely turn on/off the garage door opener without worrying about forgetting close your garage door.

By using the Timing Schedules function, you can set up a fixed or routine time to open/close your garage door.

You can check on every open and close data by playing back the history record without missing anything unusual.

While you are away, you can even share access with your family or friends so that they can enter your home through the garage.

2. XiMaiTe WiFi Nest Home Garage Door Opener

XiMaiTe remote garage door opener is one of the best smart add-ons for your existing garage door controller.

Simply add this WiFi opener to your current garage door opener, you can lock or unlock your garage door from anywhere via FREE Smart Life App.

This smart WiFi garage door opener works perfectly with Nest so that you can enjoy easy & simultaneous control.

This smart garage door opener also works with Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling you to control the garage door via your voice.

Add On: Best Smart Garage Door Opener for Alexa

The smart garage door switch enables you to share access with your families, friends or relatives. And you will get real-time notifications when your garage door is open or closed.

The installation process is very simple. Connect the positive and negative wires to your current garage door opener motor, set up the smart controller WiFi connection and all is done!

3. Smart Home Products WiFi Garage Door Opener That Is Compatible with Nest

Smart Home Products wireless garage door opener can be integrated with Nest to enjoy the easiest control without any hub needed.

With the FREE Smart Life App, you can remotely open or close your garage door wherever you are.

By linking this smart garage door opener to an Alexa/Google Assistant device, you can lock or unlock your garage door via your voice without even accessing the app.

The Time Schedule function lets you set up a routine for your garage door open/close.

Whenever your friends or families come to visit you, you can use the app to open your garage door to let them get access to your home even you are not there.

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