Nuki 1.0 Vs 2.0 – What Improvements Does The New Version Have?

Although Nuki 1.0 smart lock is no longer available on the market, if you do want to know what improvement the Nuki 2.0 has, here is something you might wanna read. Or, if you are considering buying a second-hand Nuki 1.0 smart lock, you will know if it is worth the money after seeing the differences between the Nuki 1.0 and Nuki 2.0.

Nuki 1.0 Vs 2.0 – Why The 2.0 Version Is Better?


Based on Nuki’s Youtube channel, you can see that the very first Nuki smart lock does not look like the Nuki smart lock today. The original Nuki smart lock is only a black box, it had a smaller size but it did not provide full functions. So Nuki developed the Nuki 1.0 soon after that, and the Nuki 1.0 started to allow you to leave the physical key in the smart lock to achieve the easiest installation. When it comes to industrial design, the Nuki 1.0 and Nuki 2.0 do not have any differences and they are both come with an upper assembly for your key and a lower base for their battery pack.

Nuki 2.0 Supports Knob and Oval Cylinders

The Nuki 2.0 looks the same as the Nuki 1.0, but it is actually more versatile for different types of door locks in Europe. And Nuki 2.0 can work with knob cylinders and oval cylinders, which is a noticeable upgrade compared to Nuki 1.0.

Nuki 2.0 Have More Accessories to Work with

With Nuki 2.0, you can use Nuki Fob to smart control your lock without having WiFi connection or using your phone. And They also have a keypad that you can share up to 200 access codes to your families and friends to work with Nuki 2.0 seamlessly. On top of that, the Nuki 2.0 also allows you to replace the power pack in seconds by having a replaceable power pack slot.

Fortunately, you can also add these accessories to an old Nuki 1.0 smart lock. However, the Nuki 2.0 performs better when working with the new accessories. And you will see why in the next part.

Nuki 2.0 Has Better Smart Integration and Advanced Hardware

The Nuki 2.0 is able to work with Apple Homekit integration so that your voice assistant can now control the smart lock through Apple Home App. So the Nuki smart lock finally can communicate with all the mainstream voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri.

Compared to the Nuki 2.0 smart door lock, Nuki also has improved their hardware inside the lock. They claim that the Nuki 2.0 is equipped with a faster processor and it will booster the communication speed significantly. And the Nuki 2.0 is three times faster than the original Nuki lock in responding and answering.

Besides, the Nuki 2.0 adopted the Bluetooth 5 technology to enhance connection quality and range. With the new Bluetooth 5, the auto-unlock feature is more accurate and responsive. Moreover, Nuki 2.0 comes with a smart sensor that the Nuki 1.0 does not provide and the sensor can’t be retrofitted onto the Nuki 1.0. Apart from detecting the locking cylinder, the door sensor allows users to monitor if the door is really open or closed. If you try to lock the door while it is still open, you will get a warning immediately.

Is It Worthy to Buy a Second-Handed Nuki 1.0?

Since Nuki 2.0 comes with more features and powerful hardware, my advice is to go for a Nuki 2.0 directly from their site.

As for their prices, Nuki didn’t increase the price when they launched the Nuki 2.0. And they even have product bundles that offer decent discounts for you. So, even you can find a second-handed Nuki of first-generation, it would not be a huge bargain. And the price won’t change the fact that the Nuki 2.0 is a product of a big upgrade, and it is worth it to purchase the Nuki 2.0 if you are in Europe.

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