How to Change and Choose Kangaroo Doorbell’s Battery

Unlike most of the smart doorbells that can be rechargeable, the Kangaroo doorbell camera uses AA batteries. So, you need to replace the batteries when the batteries are dead.

Luckily, there are no particular tools to prepare except new AA batteries, and you don’t need to change the batteries for the chime since it is powered by an outlet directly. Moreover, changing the batteries for the Kangaroo doorbell is easy you can get it done in minutes.

How to Replace Batteries for The Kangaroo Doorbell Camera?

1. Make sure your doorbell is firmly installed. If the doorbell is not stable or your door is fragile, you can remove the doorbell from the door first.

2. On the bottle of the Kangaroo Doorbell, there is a spot for taking the back off. (It is designed for replacing batteries or installing the doorbell with screws in the back)


3. Try to grasp the bottom part and pull the bottom toward you, then the front part should pop out and you can lift the whole cover off.


4. If it does not release easily, find the little hole on the bottom end and pry it up gently with a thin screwdriver or a small pin, that should do the trick.

5. After removing the back part, you can see there are three batteries inside the front end. Take them out and replace them with new AA batteries.

6. Click the doorbell into the back part. (If you’ve removed the whole doorbell from your door, then reinstall the doorbell on your door.)

What Type of Battery Is Good for The Kangaroo Doorbell?

The Kangaroo doorbell comes with three AA batteries in the unit, and any AA batteries will fit and will work. But the best option is still the Alkaline AA battery, which is the easiest to find and the mainstream AA battery type.

Energizer Rechargeable AA and AAA Battery Charger (Recharge Value) with 4 AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
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  • Built-in, fold-out plug makes this battery charger easy to store when not in use

You don’t need to buy those expensive Lithium AA batteries because they won’t boost the doorbell performance itself. Although Lithium batteries may have a longer battery life, their biggest advantage is that they can handle extremely low temperatures, which makes them so pricey. And Kangaroo claims that their doorbell can work at least for multiple months, regular AA batteries would be adequate enough.

On top of that, buying rechargeable AA batteries is a great idea. Using rechargeable batteries is more environmental and more affordable than buying disposable batteries. But it might be a bit inconvenient when you don’t have fully charged batteries to replace, AA batteries usually need 3 to 4 hours to get completely recharged.

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