What Smart Home Hubs Are Compatible with Schlage Connect?

Do you want to buy a Schlage connect but don’t know which smart home hub is the best to work with it? Well, it mainly depends on your connected gadgets and smart home systems at home. Today we will find out together which smart home hub works with your Schlage Connect smart lock perfectly.

Why Does Your Schlage Connect Smart Lock Require a Hub?

For Schlage Connect smart locks, there is not a built-in WiFi module. Thus, to connect your phone to the lock and lock/unlock from anywhere, a hub is required for the Schlage Connect smart lock.

A hub provides communication between the door lock and your phone, and it also links your Schlage Connect door lock with other smart devices that connect to the hub. For example, you can use Alexa to voice-control the door or you can unlock the door when your smart doorbell sends notifications to your phone.

Can You Use The Schlage Connect Smart Lock Without a Hub?

Although you are not able to use almost all the smart features, the Schlage Connect smart lock without a hub can also be used as a regular door lock. You can still use the keypad or physical keys to enter or lock the door without any smart device or Internet connection.

How to Choose a Smart Home Hub for Schlage Connect Lock

Before purchasing a hub for your Schlage Connect lock, you got to know which version of Schlage Connect lock you have.

There are two types of Schlage Connect smart locks: Z-Wave Plus and ZigBee. The Schlage Connect Z-Wave edition has lots of compatible mainstreamed hubs including Ring Alarm, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Iris, Nexia, etc. while the ZigBee edition supports Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Echo, and other ZigBee hubs.

Unless you don’t have an existing home automation system at home, you need to know if the hub works with your Schlage Connect lock’s version first. Or, you can buy a hub like SmartThings or Hubitat Elevation Hub, which contains internal Z-Wave and ZigBee to communicate with Z-Wave and ZigBee devices both, then you don’t have to worry about the compatibility.

For people who haven’t bought the lock yet and do not have any ZigBee devices at hand, I think I’ve been swayed by the Z-Wave plus version of Schlage Connect for its performance including better reliability, interoperability, and range of signal.

The 3 Best Smart Home Hubs for Schlage Connect Smart Lock

The Best Hub Overall for Schlage Connect – Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings-hub for Schlage Connect

As one of the most popular smart home hubs, the Samsung SmartThings is a solid choice with its built-in Zwave and Zigbee for Schlage Connect users. Now in its third generation, the Samsung SmartThings hub can wirelessly connect and control your smart devices from 40+ brands thanks to its versatility and capability.

Together with its excellent connection, Samsung claims that the SmartThings hub can work with Z-Wave devices up to 98 feet away or Zigbee devices up to 130 feet away. And it is a perfect partner for smart locks from Yale, Schlage, and Kwikset.

Additionally, SmartThings also offers many security smart devices such as motion sensors, smart outlets which can be used to enhance your house’s automation and work with your front door’s devices better.

Hubitat Elevation Home Automation Hub – Works Great with Schlage Connect

Hubitat Elevation Home Automation Hub

The Hubitat Elevation home automation hub also features Z-Wave and ZigBee inside and the brand claims it has faster automation than SmartThings, and many users did switch from SmartThings to this hub.

The hub supports Z-Wave, ZigBee, and Lutron devices and it is known for its reduced lag time. The biggest difference that this hub made is that it can work completely local, providing quick and reliable responses. And it is ideal for people who own a large number of smart devices with its flexible automating options and customized apps & drivers function.

However, the learning curve of this Hubitat Elevation home automation hub is steeper than regular smart hubs, so buying a more user-friendly hub is still the most solid choice if you are not ready to be a pro.

Ring Alarm Home Security System – Compatible with Schlage Connect

Ring Alarm Home Security System - Compatible with Schlage Connect

The Ring Alarm system is not a traditional smart home hub, but it is considered a z-wave hub that works with Schlage Connect lock. Apart from the base station, which is the hub, you will also get some accessories that protect your house including a door keypad and a contact sensor, and a motion detector.

The Ring Alarm base station works with voice assistants decently, and it provides hands-free voice control to your Schlage Connect smart lock from a far distance. Also, you can set up routines in Amazon Alexa or IFTTT to get your Schlage Connect lock with the Ring products such as doorbells and cameras seamlessly to achieve better home security and protection.

The downside of this hub from Ring is obvious, it is only compatible with Z-Wave devices and it doesn’t provide a standalone buying option for its base station.

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