Lockly Secure Vs. Yale Assure Smart Locks Comparison & Review

What smart door lock comes with a keypad in the box? I would say that the Lockly Secure and the Yale Assure are two worth-trying models. It seems that they both have advanced smart features and professional designs that replace your existing deadbolts and locks.

But for many buyers, it is kind of hard to make the decision when these two smart locks are so similar. To help you decide, we bring you the Lockly Secure Vs. Yale Assure, which will let you know which is the worthiest choice for you.

Size & Design

Compared to the compact smart locks like August, the Lockly Secure and Yale Assure are both bulky and require more space on your door. It’s because they will completely replace your deadbolt and keyholes.

The designs of these two smart locks are pretty similar. They both provide an exterior assembly that contains a digital keypad and a keyhole and an interior assembly that has a battery component and a thumb turn. If you want your exterior to be less bulky, Yale offers another edition called Assure lock SL, which does not have key access and the size of its exterior assembly is much smaller.

The edges of the Yale Assure lock are more rounded while the Lockly Secure lock looks more like a rectangle. A good thing about Lockly is that the Lockly Secure lock deadbolt edition comes with a cover that hides and protects the keyhole while the Yale Assure lock does not.

Installation – They Are Both a Bit Complicated

Well, since the Lockly Secure and Yale Assure are smart locks that require full removal of your old deadbolts, it is doomed to cost more time and work. To make sure the installation goes well, you should get a Phillips screwdriver and a flathead screwdriver.

Basically, you need to measure your door to make sure all the requirements are met first. The second step is to install the new deadbolts after you take out the old deadbolt of your door. Then install the front assembly and connect the cable to the back assembly. The final step is to mount and install the back assembly and put batteries to power the lock.

These steps look easy and simple, but it might be a little tricky if you have never installed a smart lock. Compared to the Nuki smart lock that only costs you 3 minutes to get the job done, you may need to spend half an hour for the first time.

If you want to learn how to install Lockly Secure or Yale Assure smart lock exactly, here are their official tutorials.

Lockly Secure:

Yale Assure:

Lockly Secure Vs. Yale Assure – Feature Comparison

The Lockly Secure and Yale Assure are standard smart locks with a keypad so that you can lock and unlock the door with digits on the screen. Additionally, you can also share access with your friends and families so that they can open the door without your operation. They both provide log history and you can monitor the status conveniently.

They Are Both WiFi Bridge Needed

The original Lockly Secure and the Yale Assure door lock require a WiFi hub to let you connect the smart locks to your phone remotely. However, the Lockly has an advanced model of the Lockly Secure, which is called Lockly Vision. And the Lockly Vision comes with a built-in WiFi module and a security camera.

Yale Assure Have Better Smart Home Compatibility

The Yale Assure is definitely the better smart lock when you have had an existing smart home system. The Yale Assure works third party smart home hub such as Phillips Hue and Samsung SmartThings to control other devices that supports Zigbee and Z-wave protocols. When it comes to voice assistant compatibility, the Yale Assure works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit perfectly.

The Lockly Secure’s smart home integration is lacking compared to the Yale Assure. It supports Alexa and Google Assistant, but Apple HomeKit is not supported currently. But the biggest problem is that the Lockly Secure does not work with 3rd party smart hubs so far. So it can be only used as a standalone door lock.

Lockly Has Fingerprint ID & Random Digits

Although Lockly may not have the best smart home integration, it has a 3D fingerprint sensor on the side, which is not provided by the Yale Assure. Lockly claims that the 3D fingerprint features can grant access to up to 99 fingerprints in a split second and have excellent accuracy.

One thing about the Lockly that is definitely better is the keypad. Thanks to its patented technology, the digital keypad display will be unique every time. This increases the security level and your fingerprints on the keypad won’t leak the access code to strangers.

Summing up

The Lockly Secure and Yale Assure don’t have a huge gap in price, so it would reasonable to choose either one of them. For people who are tech-enthusiasts, the Yale Assure smart lock provide more possibilities when it comes to building a complete smart home. Nevertheless, the Lockly Secure is equipped with a securer keypad and impressive fingerprint feature, and it offer much the same experience when used as an individual smart door lock.

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