Best SmartThings Garage Door Openers 2020: Top 6 Benefits and Top 3 Picks

A SmartThings garage door opener enables you to control your garage door remotely via the SmartThings App wherever you are.

You will never worry about leaving your garage door open.

You can even set up the schedule for your SmartThings-compatible garage door opener system to let the door open when you arrive home, or close when you leave.

The smart features and conveniences don’t end here.

We will share the unrivaled smart functions of best SmartThings garage door openers as well as the top picks!


#1. What Is a SmartThings Garage Door Opener

#2. Benefits of SmartThings Garage Door Remote

#3. Best SmartThings Garage Door Openers

#1. What Is SmartThings Garage Door Opener

SmartThings, powered by Samsung, is a company manufacturing smart hubs, cloud platforms, client applications for smart home and other IoT devices.

A smart garage door opener that works with SmartThings enables you to control the garage door via the SmartThings App.

You will need the Samsung SmartThings Hub to act as a bridge so that our smart garage door switch can communicate with your SmartThings App.

#2. Top 6 Benefits of SmartThings-Compatible Smart Garage Door Openers

By linking your garage door openers to the SmartThings App with the medium of the central hub, you can enjoy the below unparalleled conveniences and functions:

1. Enjoy unlimited remote control on your garage door. You can lock or unlock the garage door with the SmartThings App wherever you are.

If you forget if you have closed your garage door, you can tap the app to check the door status and then close the door if it’s left open.

You will never worry about leaving your door open to “welcome” unwanted people.

2. Receive alerts from SmartThings App if your garage door is open usually.

When your DIY garage door opener detects your door is left open for too long, or opened unexpectedly, you will get instant notifications and then you can take precautions.

3. Automate your smart garage door opener with SmartThings. With the SmartThings App and Hub, you can schedule your garage door to open when you arrive home, or close when you leave, etc.

4. Automate other smart devices with SmartThings. For example, you can set up your smart bulb to turn on/off when your garage door opener detects your garage door has been opened or shut.

5. Manage your smart garage door controller with other connected devices with SmartThings Routines for Good Morning, Goodbye, Good Night, etc.

6. Control all SmartThings-compatible devices with just one single app.

You can access or control your SmartThings-enabled garage door opener and other devices that work with SmartThings, such as doorbells, smart locks, etc. with SmartThings App without downloading other apps from different manufacturers.

#3. Best SmartThings Garage Door Opener 2020 for Your Choice

We have summarized the below top 3 picks of Samsung SmartThings garage door openers after having tested dozens of them.

The bonus is: you can enjoy FREE shipping!

1. Meross Smart Garage Door Opener for SmartThings

Meross smart garage door controller can integrate with Samsung SmartThings perfectly by adding a central hub.

You can lock or unlock your garage door, or check the door status via the SmartThings App wherever you are.

When your garage door is opened unexpectedly, like your garage door is pried by an intruder, you will receive instant alerts so that you can take actions at once. You can call your neighbors or friends to check your garage door situation upon receiving the alerts.

This smart garage door switch also works seamlessly with Alexa, Google Assistant so that you can use your voice to control your garage door.

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You can watch the video below to get a detailed step-by-step guide to install this SmartThings garage door opener.

2. GoControl/Linear Garage Door Opener That Works with SmartThings

GoControl garage door remote controller pairs with your existing garage door opener and SmartThings Hub, enabling you to remotely open or close your garage door via the SmartThings App anywhere.

This remote controller comes with audible and visual warnings to deter those vicious people’s impending movement.

GoControl SmartThings garage door opener also supports Z-Wave network. Thus, you can also integrate this smart garage door remote switch with other Z-Wave devices, such as Z-Wave smart locks, etc. to get a truly smart and connected home.

Watch the video below to see how to install the GoControl Linear smart garage door opener.

3. Nexx Garage Smart WiFi SmartThings Garage Door Remote Controller

The smart garage door opener from Nexx Garage is fully compatible with SmartThings so that you can automate your everyday routines with SmartThings.

Simply tap the SmartThings App, you can open, close or monitor your garage door from anywhere.

You’ll get reminded when your garage door is open and then you can use your smartphone to securely close it when you are in the office, supermarket, having a coffee, or even driving.

The integration with Alexa & Google Assistant provides you with a 100% hands-free way via your voice to lock/unlock, or check the door status.

When you are cooking or doing housework, you can simply say, “Alexa, open the garage.” to open your garage door when your guests visit your home.

Or say “Hey Google, close garage” to securely lock up your garage door.

All of the smart features of this device all make it one of the best garage door openers for SmartThings.

View the video below to get the A-Z guide to install this garage door remote controller.

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