Kangaroo Doorbell vs Ring Doorbell – Do You Really Need The Pricey Doorbell?

The Ring doorbell is always a go-to option when people need to buy a wireless doorbell camera. However, there are also many people who complain about its high price and its complicated integrity. That’s why we’ve got the Kangaroo security doorbell here, they claim that this is the most affordable doorbell camera, and you will get a whole new experience. So, we’ve decided to put the Kangaroo doorbell and Ring doorbell on the table together, let’s see which one is more cost-effective.

Pros of Ring Doorbell Series – Advanced Smart Features

Ring Has High Video Quality, Kangaroo Doesn’t

Although the Kangaroo doorbell is also a smart doorbell, it does not work the same way as the Ring doorbell. The Kangaroo doorbell camera takes 480p pictures when the motion sensor is triggered, and the doorbell will put the pictures together to make them look like a GIF. When it comes to video performance, the Ring doorbell is definitely the winner. With 1080p video quality, you can always see the live HD video anywhere anytime.

Wired and Wireless Installation

For people who have an existing doorbell system, you can easily replace your old doorbell button with Ring doorbells. Or, you can completely rely on the built-in battery to install Ring doorbell cameras wirelessly. But if you want to choose the Kangaroo doorbell, you should notice that there is no way to connect Kangaroo doorbell to your existing doorbell wires.

Color Night Vision – Kangaroo Only Has Black & White Pictures at Night

Another advantage that comes with Ring smart doorbells is its great color night vision, which is not available in Kangaroo products. A doorbell with color night vision helps you to see things vividly even in the dark. According to Ring, their doorbell cameras create black and white images based on infrared light, and its color night vision feature will create a “false color” image in the live view mode.

Two-Way Talk

As a smart doorbell camera, Ring doorbells allow you to talk to your visitor through the built-in microphone and speaker while live viewing. And you are not able to do that with the Kangaroo doorbell.

Customizable Motion Zones & Color Pre-Roll

Another advantage that stands out is that Ring doorbell has many more security features, giving you more control and options. For example, you can set customizable motion zones to determine where motion would be detected. Besides, you will find a new feature in the latest Ring doorbell 4 – color pre-roll, which gives a four-second short clip before a motion event is triggered.

Ring Has Better Smart Home Integration

The biggest strength of Ring doorbells camera is that they can conveniently work with other smart devices, making your place a real smart home. Ring doorbells offer great home integration to a variety of products such as smart locks, garage door openers, security cameras. On top of that, Ring doorbells are seamlessly compatible with voice assistants including Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Pros of Kangaroo Doorbell

It’s way cheaper than a Ring doorbell

Being the most affordable smart doorbell in the world, you only need to spend $24.99 for a Kangaroo doorbell and a chime. And the cheapest Ring doorbell on the market – Ring video doorbell wired, starts at $59.99. Besides, the Kangaroo’s accessories for their doorbell are also pretty cheap, the most expensive security bundle with professional monitoring on their website is only $119.

Things that are affordable are not only limited to their products, their basic cam plan starts at $1.99/Month, and you will get 30-day extended cloud storage and theft + damage reimbursement.

Easy to Maintain

Nothing is worse than a poor WiFi connection when you need to see what’s going on in front of your door. Luckily, since the Kangaroo doorbell only needs to take some phones and send you the notification, it does not have strict requirements for your WiFi network condition. Besides, changing the batteries for the Kangaroo doorbell is also pretty easy since it uses 3 AA batteries. You don’t need to recharge the doorbell’s batteries, just replace them.

Still Has Decent Notification

While Ring doorbell is multiple times more pricey than the Kangaroo doorbell, it does not affect the fact that Kangaroo is still reliable in sending notifications to your phone. The motion sensor inside the doorbell picks up notifications quickly, and you will receive notifications on your phone and the chime in your home will also ring as well.

Kangaroo Doorbell  vs Ring Doorbell – Final Verdict

Overall, Ring’s doorbells are still way better when it comes to smart features and video performance. That means it would still be a better fit when you have some smart devices at home and want to get a high-end doorbell to protect your front porch.

The Kangaroo doorbell is like a traditional doorbell that has a simple notification feature, it lets you know what’s happened on your phone, but it lacks tons of functions as a smart doorbell. But, considering the price of the kangaroo doorbell, it is still worth buying for people who only need a simple doorbell.

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