Smart Lock for Metal Gates – What Options Do You Have?

It’s 2022, smart locks have been proved that they are pretty reliable and very easy to use compared to traditional mechanical locks. However, most smart door locks on the market are designed for regular doors with deadbolts & cylinders. Finding a smart lock for outdoor metal gates is pretty challenging. So, are there any smart locks that can work with metal gates? Yes, but your choices are limited, and here are some things you may wanna know.

Smart Lock for Metal Gates – How to Pick?

A smart lock is supposed to be controlled via your smartphone, even if it is installed on a metal gate. I have seen many people call a mechanical door lock with keypad or fingerprint access a “smart lock”, which is not very accurate. Those door locks may have some advanced features but they are not 100% smart, a smart lock for metal gates should connect and work with other devices.

Also, a lock for pure metal gates should retain traditional or physical access including keys, access codes, RFID tags to the lock in case of poor signal. Most importantly, if you are looking for a smart lock for outdoor metal lock, then you need a weatherproof lock with great protection from rain and dust.

Is There a Perfect Smart Lock for Metal Gate on the Market?

Unfortunately, there is still not a perfect solution to all the metal gates. Since metal gates are not like standard deadbolts with cylinders, it is pretty challenging to design a lock for various metal gates. And there’s no smart lock that can ensure premium vandal proof and waterproof ability currently. Another major problem is that a metal gate for houses is usually away from your home WiFi router, which can lead to failed connection and bad user experience. That’s why most metal gates are still using traditional automatic gate openers open/close door automatically by sensors.

However, we did find some smart locks for metal doors online and you might wanna check them out, even though they might not be suitable for your metal gate. And sadly, I did not find a smart lock for metal gates for sale in North America.

Smart Locks for Metal Gates that Are Available in 2022

Samsung SHP-DS705 Smart Locks for Metal Gate

Samsung SHP-DS705

Although you may not have plenty of options when buying a smart lock for metal gates, the Samsung SHP-DS705 is a solid choice if you have a metal door that is compatible with it. This compact mini-sized door lock allows you to easily control it with Bluetooth pairing authentication and it immediately sends you a notification whenever it detects an entry of family members. It provides In-and-out activity log and several entries including RF key tags, PIN code.

The Samsung SHP-DS705 does not require a WiFi connection, and it can be powered by a 9V battery in an emergency. As a smart lock for condos’ metal doors, the product also comes with one-touch Anti-theft set-up for people who are not at home, which will set up an alarm when somebody operates the door lock.

Igloohome Rim Lock for metal gates

Igloohome Rim Lock for metal gates

The Igloohome Rim lock is another smart lock for metal gates, and it is available in Singapore only. Just like the Samsung SHP-DS705, the Rim Lock is also installed on the metal gates that are outside of the apartment’s door, which adds another layer of security for your home. The Igloohome Rim Lock works offline as well, and it does not need to work with WiFi connection. It has four entries including PIN codes, Bluetooth keys, RFID credentials, and the Bluetooth key fob.

The Igloohome Rim Lock for metal gates will set up an alarm when it detects an emergency. For example, the bolt tongue cannot be extended or retracted fully, it is being pried from the gate. And it will automatically unlock when its sensors detect high temperatures.

Alternatives to Smart Locks for Metal Gates – AIcase Smart Padlock

To the shop

Although this smart padlock is not as secure as a legit smart door lock. However, it offers excellent mobile support and its Water Resistant ability makes it a nice choice for fence metal gates.

The small smart padlock has a fairly long battery life and it can work up to 720 days standby time when it is fully charged. Thanks to that, this padlock does not need to be charged frequently. You can take this smart padlock everywhere as it is very portable, and controlling the lock, managing fingerprints or viewing the unlock activities is effortless via a mobile app. Thus, using this smart padlock with a traditional latch can be a way to secure your outdoor metal gate since it’s IP65 waterproof without breaking the bank.

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