Transformer for Ring Doorbell Pro 2 – Is Your Old Transformer Compatible?

Ring Video Doorbell Pro was definitely a portable smart doorbell that has the most advanced features, but not anymore. Why? Because we’ve got the new Ring video doorbell pro 2 on the market.

If you are familiar with Ring’s smart doorbells, you will know that the Pro series require hardwire installation compared to the regular Ring wireless video doorbell. Thus, a reliable transformer for your existing circuit is a must.

So, if you wanna buy the new Ring doorbell pro 2, don’t forget to check if the transformer you are using is compatible with the Pro 2 doorbell. If you’d like to purchase a new doorbell transformer for your new Ring Doorbell Pro 2, we will also list some worth-buying products here.

What Kind of Transformer Does The Ring Doorbell Pro 2 Need?

Ring Doorbell Pro 2 is compatible with most transformers on the market, and it requires a transformer with 16 to 24 VAC and 30 – 40VA. Therefore the transformer for the new Pro doorbell 2 can also work with the first generation’s Ring video doorbell pro.

Can Your Old Transformer Work with The Ring Doorbell Pro 2?

If you already installed a doorbell at home and want to replace it with the Ring video doorbell pro 2, you’d better check out the voltage of your existing doorbell transformer first.

Usually, the info will be listed on the label of the transformer or printed on the transformer. However, some transformers will use stickers to show you these specs, and if the sticker is lost, you can also use a multimeter to measure the voltage of your doorbell transformer.

Top Transformers for The Ring Doorbell Pro 2

Maxdot Doorbell Transformer (16V 30VA) – Compatible with Ring Doorbell Pro 2

Maxdot Doorbell Transformer (16V 30VA)
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The Maxdot 16v doorbell transformer is a reliable and safe product that converts your household current to low voltage and it is compatible with the new Ring video doorbell pro 2 as well.

The doorbell transformer from Maxdot has a classic look and durable wires, just like those models in doorbell installation tutorial videos. The doorbell can work with Ring Video Doorbell wired, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, and Nest Hello Video Doorbell.

This transformer is safe to install and eliminate issues caused by underpowering so that the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 can work properly and stably. Also, among all the transformers, this Maxdot doorbell transformer is the best-selling one online.

Maxdot 24V 40VA Thermostat and Doorbell Transformer for Ring Doorbell Pro 2

Maxdot 24V 40VA Thermostat and Doorbell Transformer for Ring Doorbell Pro 2
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Compared to the last 16v doorbell transformer, this 24v doorbell transformer is designed for powering up multiple doorbells and thermostats.

It is more versatile and fits many smart devices that require a constant 24-volt operation. If you have multiple wired doorbells and wanna add a new Ring doorbell pro 2 to your home, this 24v doorbell transformer is a powerful helper for you.

With a doorbell transformer like this, you can solve all your ring doorbell underpower issues. Most surprisingly, it does not cost you more than the 16v transformer.

Ring’s Official Hardwired Transformer

Ring's Official Hardwired Transformer

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Many people don’t know that you can actually buy a Ring doorbell transformer on Ring’s official website. It’s also a 16v doorbell transformer and it only costs $29.99. I thought Ring’s transformer should be more expensive than the other regular brands, but it’s not.

According to the info on the website, this transformer is good for working with Ring Video Doorbell Wired, Video Doorbell Pro, and Video Doorbell Pro 2. However, the shipping is not free unless your order is over $49.

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