Doorbells Without Drilling: Top Picks & Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Doorbells without drilling are the best doorbell types for apartment where your landlords won’t allow you to drill holes to mount the devices.

Here, we will provide top picks on traditional doorbells and video doorbell cameras that don’t need screws, as well as a step-by-step guide to help you install doorbells without drilling.


#1. Doorbells No Drilling Buying Guide

#2. Top Picks on Doorbells Without Drilling

#3. How to Install Doorbells Without Screws

#1. Complete Buying Guide on Doorbells Without Drilling

When you are about to buy the best doorbell for your apartment without screws, consider the below top factors.

1. Battery Powered

For video doorbell type, also consider No. 2 — 4 points

2. High Definition

3. Video Storage

4. WiFi Connection

5. Pricing

1. Buy No Drilling Doorbells with Battery Power

When you buy a traditional doorbell or a doorbell camera without drilling, go get one that is battery powered.

Battery operated doorbells get power from the batteries inside them without wiring to an outlet.

Thus, you don’t need to run power cables through your home.

The battery of a traditional doorbell (without video and no smart features) can support up to 1-3 years without frequent charging.

Video doorbells would provide up to 3-6 months based on the installation environments and the frequency of use.

If there are many motion detection events, or a lot of people visit your house pressing the doorbell button, the video doorbell will consume more power.

You can add a solar panel for the video doorbell without worrying about the power drain.

The solar panel will keep charging the doorbell when there is a little sunlight. Simply install the solar panel, connect it to the video doorbell and just forget it.

You can check this post for more details about solar powered doorbells.

2. High Definition for Better Image Quality

For a non-drilling doorbell camera, image quality is one of the top priorities.

High definition doorbells deliver crystal images with built-in advanced imaging sensors.

You can recognize any detail you need, such as logos on the clothes, special marks or labels on the vehicles or boxes.

Should any crime happen, the high definition images can be acted as vital evidence to help the police catch the bad guys.

In the market now, the video doorbells with the highest definition are 1440p doorbells (also known as 4MP doorbells).

The most popular HD video doorbell type is 1080p doorbells (also known as 2MP doorbells), for its most compatibility and mature tech.

720p video doorbells are generally out of date due to the developed technology.

Consider the power saving point, image quality, and compatibility, the 1080p video doorbells would be the way to go currently.

3. No Screw Doorbells with Video Storage

Video recordings are really important for a smart video doorbell camera.

You can record the motion-triggered videos for your later playback. Should any break-in happen, the recorded footage can act as important evidence.

There are 2 main video recording methods: local memory card and cloud storage.

Video doorbells with local storage capture the motion events and record into the eMMC or SD card directly without paying for monthly fees.

Smart doorbells with cloud storage save the motion videos in the cloud. You need to pay monthly subscription fees for the cloud storage.

The biggest benefit is that you can still access the videos even your doorbell gets stolen.

Thus, you can see who stole your doorbell through the recordings and hand over the footage to the police. It will help investigate the case.

4. WiFi Connection Signal

Video doorbells without drilling get Internet via 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz WiFi so that you can realize remote live stream, playback, app pushes, etc.

WiFi connection speed plays an important role in fast streaming and playback.

With fast WiFi signal, you can access the video doorbell within seconds without latency.

Try to move the router close to your video doorbell and remove the obstacles between them for fastest connection.

If the WiFi signal is not strong enough, add a WiFi extender to boost the signal.

5. Check the Pricing of Doorbells No Drilling

Budget would be another point that you’ll consider.

With the developed technology, doorbells don’t have to be extremely expensive.

Traditional wireless doorbells typically only cost around $20 — $50, while video doorbells would be labeled around $100 — $250.

(The pricing is an estimation through our team’s dig-up in hundreds of doorbells’ pricing.)

When the doorbell brand launches promotion sales, such as Prime Day Deals, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales, the pricing would be extremely low.

You can also join in the doorbell companies’ giveaway to have a chance to win a free doorbell.

Top 3 Best Traditional & Video Doorbells Without Drilling

We will share the top 3 doorbells with no screws here with detailed reviews so that you can get one that fits you perfectly.

1. Ring Video Doorbell 2 Without Drilling Review

Ring Video Doorbell 2, rated as the world’s most popular video doorbell, has been tested by our team many times to ensure its seamless operation.

It comes with a removable rechargeable battery so that you don’t need to wire it to an outlet for power supply.

The wireless video doorbell connects to your home router via 2.4 GHz WiFi band so that you can get remote live stream, playback and push notifications.

Ring provides 60-day free cloud storage for recording motion-triggered videos. After that, you’ll need to pay $3/month to save the motion videos.

You can watch the video below to check the whole smart features of Ring doorbell camera without drilling.

Besides the above choice, you can also opt to the 2 upgrade versions of Ring video doorbell series, including the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus.

You can click this post for a full review on all Ring smart doorbell series.

2. Ring Peephole Cam Without Screws for Apartment

Ring Peephole Cam is a video doorbell that is designed for apartment dwellers, tenants or renters.

As long as your flat door has a peephole, you can simply replace your current peephole with this best peephole doorbell without drilling or screwing.

The 1080p Full HD enables you to view clear videos from your iPhone, Android smartphones, PCs, or tablets.

Talk to your visitors with the built-in microphone and speaker through your phone, even when you are not at home.

If you want the easiest no-drilling video doorbell for your apartment door with a peephole, this video doorbell is the top 1 choice.

Check the video below to learn how to replace your peephole with this doorbell camera.

3. AVANTEK Traditional Wireless Doorbell Kit Review

AVANTEK traditional wireless doorbell kit comes with a receiver and transmitter.

The transmitter is fixed on the front door for people to press, and the indoor receiver rings when someone presses the transmitter to alert you.

The 2 devices communicate with each other via their own WiFi signal without connecting to the Internet, from even up to 1,000 ft away.

The outdoor transmitter is IP55 dustproof and waterproof and can be placed outdoors without worrying about the weather.

The waterproof transmitter is powered by a high-quality 230 mAh CR2032 lithium battery with ultra long 3-year lifespan. You don’t need to change the battery frequently.

#3. How to Install Ring Video Doorbells on Brick Without Drilling Holes

“I bought a Ring 2 and am looking to see if anyone has any mounting solutions to put it up without damaging the door or drilling into the wall since I live in an apartment.”
— From a Reddit OP

We have received a lot of requests for tips on mounting a Ring doorbell at an apartment with drilling into the door or wall.

Thus, we will take the Ring Video Doorbell 2 as an example to show you the step-by-step guide to mount Ring doorbell on brick without drilling.

Items You’ll Need to Mount Ring Doorbell Without Screws

▪ The Ring Video Doorbell 2
▪ The 3M Tapes
▪ A Level
▪ A Smartphone
▪ Internet Access

To install Ring doorbell no drilling, the double-sided tapes are necessary.

Step 1. Stick the strong double-side installation tape on your condo/complex door.

Make sure the size of the tape is enough to hold the doorbell camera.

Step 2. Remove the protection film from the tape.

Step 3. Stick the Ring Video Doorbell 2 on the tape and make sure it sticks to the wall firmly.

Step 4. Download and launch Ring App. If you are a new Ring user, please click Set Up a Device to create our Ring account.

Step 5. Name your video doorbell. Allow the doorbell to access the local address.

Step 6. Press the black button on the doorbell to configure it as Setup Mode.

When the status LED on the doorbell is spinning, tap Continue on your Ring App.

Step 7. Link the wireless video doorbell to WiFi.

The Ring doorbell installation without drilling is all done. You can access the doorbell camera for live stream now!

Can you install Ring doorbell without drilling?

Yes, simply follow the above installation steps to mount your own video doorbell to the wall without screws.

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