Smart Locks for Cabinet and Closet Door in 2022

Besides your front door, smart locks now can be used on a cabinet or closet door as well. If you want to protect your cabinet and need a smarter door lock with more security and features, you’ll be interested in the smart cabinet door locks in this post.

Smart Locks for Cabinet and Closet Door – How to pick the right one?

What’s a smart cabinet lock?

Strictly speaking, a smart cabinet lock should be able to connect with other devices such as your smartphone, tablets, voice assistant,s and more. With a smart door lock that protects your cabinet or closet, you can conveniently lock/unlock remotely without using physical keys. Moreover, you are able to secure your cabinet and view the access history to make sure everything is safe.

What other options do you have?

Unfortunately, there’re not many available smart locks for cabinets on the market. But you still have some advanced locks to replace your traditional cabinet locks. These locks may not have WiFi or Bluetooth technology, but they also provide keyless entries by supporting digital keypads, RFID & NFC cards, fingerprints, and more.

Top Smart Locks for Cabinet and Closet Door in 2022

Yale Smart Cabinet Lock with Bluetooth and WiFi

Yale Smart Cabinet Lock with Bluetooth and WiFi
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The best smart lock for cabinets or closets with the most complete integrity that we’ve tested is the Yale Smart Cabinet Lock. It delivers a full smart experience, just like its other smart locks for front doors.

With an extremely easy installation, this lock provides smart features and security to your cabinet, and you can decide to install it on different parts of your cabinet (Top, shelf, bottom). The smart cabinet lock is hidden and your cabinet looks exactly the same as a normal cabinet.

Just like any Yale smart locks, the Yale Smart Cabinet Lock can work with Yale Access app, so you can see access history or enable auto-lock feature from your smartphone. And you can add a Yale keypad to the lock if you want.

However, the Yale cabinet lock itself only has Bluetooth connection, to remotely control the lock, you need a separate WiFi bridge. With the WiFi module, the locks can be integrated with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Best Alternatives to Smart Locks for Cabinet

Invisible Cabinet Lock Supports NFC and RFID

Cabinet Lock Supports NFC and RFID
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If you prefer something simpler, look into the cabinet lock that is RFID & NFC Supported. It doesn’t have as many features as a real smart lock. However, its offers convenience and retain the physical keyhole for people to open the lock manually.

That is to say, you can use your smartphone’s NFC function or use an NFC/RFID card and tags to unlock the lock without carrying a key. And the lock will auto-lock when you close the door. This small door lock is compatible with many types of doors in your house including drawers, lockers, cabinets, and sliding doors.

Electronic Cabinet Lock with Keypad

Electronic Cabinet Lock with Keypad
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If you want to add a smart keypad to your cabinet, this cabinet lock with a digital touch keypad should fulfill your needs.

The electronic cabinet lock is versatile and can be used for various cabinets and drawers. And it’s a nice little lock that protects liquid or drugs from kids, and it’s child-safe for sure.

Thanks to the keypad, the lock offers multiple unlock modes including passwords, RFID wristbands, and ID cards. And you can share the code with your friends by generating a one-off password.

Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

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A fingerprint cabinet lock is the best and you don’t want to use anything to unlock the lock. With this tiny biometric cabinet lock, you don’t need to download or set up anything.

You use a clip to enter fingerprints into the lock and the lock can save up to 40 fingerprints. If the lock’s batteries are running low, it supports USB charge from powerbanks as well. Overall, this type of fingerprint cabinet lock does not have many entries, it is still the most convenient lock that lets you lock/unlock the cabinet door without anything extra. On top of that, this biometric cabinet lock does not cost you much more compared to the electronic locks above.

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