Ring Video Doorbell 4 vs Pro – Comparison & Buying Guide

With more smart doorbells coming up, Ring continues its classic video doorbell product series, and it is now Ring video doorbell 4. In the past, the most professional doorbell from Ring is the Ring video doorbell pro, as you can see by the name.

So, is the latest 4th generation of the Ring video doorbell better than the old Ring doorbell pro? Let’s see which is the most optimized option right now in 2021!

Ring Video Doorbell 4 vs Pro – Specs Comparison

Doorbell ModelRing Video Doorbell 4Ring Video Doorbell Pro
Launch DateApril 2021March 2016
Field of viewHorizontal:160° |  Vertical:84°Horizontal:160° |  Vertical:90°
Video Resolution1080p1080p
Pre-RollColor Pre-RollAdvanced Pre-Roll (Protect Plan)
Enhanced Dual-Band WiFiYesYes
Advanced Motion DetectionYesYes
Quick RepliesYesYes
Alexa GreetingsNoYes
PriceTo the shopTo the shop

Ring Video Doorbell 4 vs Ring Video Doorbell Pro

No one can argue that the Ring battery-operated doorbell is more popular than the Ring wired doorbell. But it doesn’t mean that you should always follow other people’s choice.

Advantages of Ring Video Doorbell 4

Ring Video Doorbell 4
To the shop

Versatile – Battery & Hardwired

The Ring Video Doorbell 4 focuses on flexibility and portableness as it’s battery-powered, and you don’t need to have existing doorbell wires and doorbell chime to use this model. That’s also why it’s the best-selling product line among all Ring’s security devices.

Easy to Install

You don’t need to hire some professional experts to install the Ring Video Doorbell 4 as you can get it done in a couple of minutes as long as you have the tools needed. Compared to wired installation that might cost about half an hour and you probably need to deal with the transformer, the wireless installation is safer and quicker.

Decent Smart Features

Since the Ring video doorbell 4 is the latest generation, it is now equipped with many features that you only see on a Ring doorbell pro before. That is to say, the Ring doorbell 4 is nearly as powerful as an old Ring video doorbell model. Compared to previous generations, the Ring video doorbell 4 has 1080p HD video quality and quick replies function.

Onto its four-generation, Ring has introduced a new color pre-roll feature and this is the biggest improvement compared to Ring’s doorbell of the third generation. It’s slightly different from the pro model’s advanced pre-roll, but the good news is that you can use this feature without subscribing to the Ring protect plan. The color pre-roll allows users to capture picture-in-picture motion four seconds before a motion event is triggered, and if you are subscribed to the Ring protect plan, they will provide Pre-Roll video previews in the Ring app timeline or event history.

Advantages of Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro
To the shop

Advanced Pre-Roll

Ring doorbell 4 has a new color pre-roll while the Ring pro doorbell offers advanced pre-roll functions, which is still the best pre-roll option. The advanced pre-roll allows you to have 6 seconds of pre-roll video, and it has full-color, high-definition, full sound. Ring also claims that the advanced pre-roll will work even in a low-light environment. But this feature is only available when you have the Ring Protect Plan membership.

Alexa Greetings

The Alexa Greetings is another service that you will get if you are subscribed to the Ring Protect Plan. And this feature is only available in Ring’s video Pro doorbell series. Alexa Greetings can provide instructions on where to leave the package or deliver messages to your visitors.

Some people may get this wrong – Although Ring video doorbell 4 does not have Alexa Greetings, it does not mean that it can’t work with Alexa devices. Both Ring video doorbell 4 and Ring video doorbell pro are Alexa compatible.

It’s now more affordable than the Ring Doorbell 4

As an old smart doorbell model, the Ring doorbell pro does not look outdated at all. Most importantly, it’s cheaper than the latest Ring video doorbell 4. Even though this model is launched a few years ago, its features are still utilized in the latest Ring doorbells today.
So, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly model, it is a good time to purchase a Ring video doorbell pro.

Conclusion: Ring Video Doorbell 4 vs Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Overall, the Ring Video Doorbell 4 and Ring Video Doorbell Pro have a tied game when it comes to smart security features and video quality.

The Ring Video Doorbell 4 has one thing better than the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is that it can be installed with wires or without wires. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro, on the other hand, is more worth buying for the price in 2021, and it has more advanced Pre-Roll functions and Alexa Greetings features. And if you want a more professional version of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, you can take a look at the new Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 that has premium motion detection and higher resolution.

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