Doorbell Power Supply: Detailed Introduction, 5 Best Picks, and Top FAQs

Well, common sense: A doorbell cannot work without power.

So, the power supply is the key point for a doorbell.

Here, we will show you the doorbell power supply methods, and the best power supply recommendations for your Ring, Nest and others doorbells, and FAQs.

You’ll get every detail you need on doorbell power supply here.


#1. How Does a Doorbell Get Power

#2. Best Doorbell Power Supply Picks

#3. Hot FAQs on Doorbell Power Supply

#1. How Does a Doorbell Get Power

Where does a doorbell get power from? How does my doorbell camera get power?

Video doorbells are powered by 3 types of ways: 16-24 V DC power supply, batteries and solar panel.

AC 16-24 V power supply: Some video doorbells require the existing doorbell wiring to get the power supply.

And the existing doorbell wiring is plugged into your home power outlet.

By connecting your doorbell to the permanent AC power supply, you don’t have to regularly charge your doorbell anymore, and can eliminate the problems associated with the low battery charge.

Battery power: Battery operate doorbells are powered either by the rechargeable or non-rechargeable battery for the power supply.

You don’t need to run a power cable to the doorbell. Simply mount it to the wall on your front door without any wiring.

The drawback is that you’ll need to charge the doorbell before it runs out of power.

Solar power: Solar-powered doorbells come with the rechargeable battery and the solar panel will keep charging the battery for non-stop power supply.

The solar panel charges the doorbell with just a little sunlight and you don’t need to recharge the doorbell anymore.

Mount the solar panel near your doorbell, connect the doorbell to the solar panel and just forget it.

If you are an environmentalist, the solar power is the eco-friendly charging way you are looking for.

Optional charging way — portable power bank: If your home is out of power suddenly, a portable power bank is an emergency charging resource for your doorbell.

#2. Best Smart Video Doorbell Camera Power Supply Options for You

Check the below doorbell power supply sources for almost every smart video doorbell camera, including:

  • Ring Video Doorbell/2/Pro/Elite/3/3 Plus
  • SkyBell
  • Swann
  • August
  • Google Nest Hello
  • Arlo
  • Night Owl
  • eufy
  • Netatmo
  • Zmodo
  • Simplisafe
  • vivint
  • Hikvision

1. OhmKat Video Doorbell Power Supply for Your Video Doorbells

OhmKat provides a full range of power adapters for almost every video doorbell giant, including:

. Ring Video Doorbell
. Ring Video Doorbell 2
. Ring Video Doorbell Pro
. Google Nest Hello
. SimpliSafe Pro
. August Doorbell Cam
. Zmodo Video Doorbells
. SkyBell HD Doorbell
. SkyBell Trim Plus Doorbell

This company mainly produces the power adapters for the video doorbells so that the smart doorbells can get non-stop power supply, freeing you from charging the battery regularly.

The power adapters are equipped with the special electronics to protect your doorbell in case of the power cut.

By connecting your video doorbells to the power adapters, you don’t need the existing doorbell wiring or a separate resistor.

2. Wasserstein Doorbell Power Supply Adapter for Ring, Zmodo, eufy & Arlo

The Wasserstein video doorbell power adapter is tailored for Ring Video Doorbell/2/Pro, Zmodo Smart Greet, eufy and Arlo doorbell.

Hook up your video doorbell to this external power adapter kit and then you’ll never worry about charging the batteries, or losing surveillance.

This wired video doorbell plug-in power supply adapter (18 V AC) comes with an 8.2 ft cable to reach the power outlet on your porch or inside your room.

3. Sikoimate Power Adapter for Ring, Nest & Zmodo WiFi Doorbell

After a number of tests, Sikoimate DC power adapter works seamlessly with Ring Video Doorbell/2/Pro, Nest Hello and Zmodo Greet smart doorbell.

Just connect your video doorbell to the outlet with this power adapter for continuous power. You can operate the doorbell without any interruption, freeing you from battery drain hassles.

The power adapter has a 10 ft wire to boost the distance between your doorbell and the outlet. The 10 ft cable is long enough to reach the outlet on the front door/porch or living room.

With the power adapter, you’ll never need to charge the doorbell batteries regularly and never lose surveillance.

4. WUYELIN Power Adapter for Ring, Nest & Zmodo Video Doorbell

WUYELIN doorbell power supply is AC 18 V/500 mA and works with popular smart video doorbells including:

. Ring Video Doorbell
. Ring Video Doorbell 2
. Ring Video Doorbell Pro
. Nest Hello Video Doorbell
. Zmodo Greet Series Video Doorbells

Please note that for Ring Video Doorbell 2, you’ll need an external resistor (25 Ohms ± 5% 50 W wirewound chassis mount resistor).

The power adapter provides overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and overheats protection, as well as the surge protector.

It also passes the severe tests of FCC and CE to ensure the doorbell power adapter is extremely safe to use.

5. LANMU Power Adapter for Nest and Zmodo WiFi Video Doorbell

LANMU doorbell power supply is compatible with Nest Hello and Zmodo Smart Greet Video Doorbell.

It includes 2 colors (black & white) for your choice to blend in your home décor.

By linking your battery operated doorbell or wired doorbell to this power adapter, simply forget the hassles of charging your doorbell or losing surveillance.

The AC 18 V/500 mA power adapter has a 16.4 ft long cable, which is long enough to connect the doorbell to the outlet on your front porch or inside the room.

If you want to get more power supply adapters for your Ring and Nest video doorbells, click this post for more options.

#3. Doorbell Power Supply Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the quick answers to possible questions you may have on doorbell power supply, such as troubleshooting solutions, detailed insights and more!

1. How Does the Ring Doorbell Get Power

What power supply do I need for Ring doorbell?

Answer: Ring Video Doorbell 2 runs at a voltage between 8 V – 24 V while the Pro needs the power source of at least 16 V at 20 volt-amps.

Ring video doorbell series either gets power directly from its built-in batteries or needs to be hardwired to the power outlet to get the power source.

2. How Does Nest Doorbell Get Power

What voltage do you need for a Nest doorbell? Does Nest doorbell need to be hardwired?

Answer: Nest Hello Video Doorbell requires an output voltage between 16 V – 24 V AC.

You need to hardwire the doorbell to your existing doorbell or plug the doorbell into the indoor outlet with a power adapter to get power supply.

3. Ring Doorbell Pro Power Supply Not Working

Answer: Please confirm if the power issue is caused by the low power by checking if your Ring Pro has the following issues:

. Regularly losing network connection
. Freezing up or shutting down during the ringtone sound
. With the night vision on, the voltage reading steadily drops
. Freezing up during a live event
. Not ringing your indoor chime smoothly
. Night vision failed
. The Doorbell Pro works fine for a couple events and then stops working

If you experience the above issues, please follow the below steps to confirm:

Step 1. Launch your Ring App and tap your Ring doorbell to open the settings screen.

Step 2. Tap the Device Health.

Please check the voltage reading. If it shows “Good” or “Very Good”, it means that the power is sufficient. If the voltage shows “Poor” or “Very Poor”, the issue would be lower power.

You can also try the below solutions to fix the power supply issue:

Solution 1. Reboot the breaker.

Solution 2. Change another power adapter.

Solution 3. Check the wiring router to make sure the wiring is perfect.

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