Best Z-Wave Garage Door Openers Buying Guide: Reviews and Installation Videos

You can open or lock your garage door with a Z-Wave garage door opener remotely, and integrate it with other Z-Wave compatible smart devices without limitation.

Z-Wave garage door openers bring a smart and seamless way to control your garage door, as well as creating a more convenient and helpful home.

You can get top 3 Z-Wave garage door openers to change your current garage door into a smart one.


#1. What Is a Z-Wave Garage Door Opener

#2. Top 3 Best Garage Door Opener Reviews

#1. What Is a Z-Wave Garage Door Opener

Z-Wave is a kind of wireless communication protocol and a low-energy radio wave to make the smart devices integrated.

A Z-Wave garage door opener remote controller is a smart device that senses the angular changes of your garage door and then transmits a wireless Z-Wave signal.

You can remotely control your Z-Wave garage door opener via your smartphone with an existing central hub.

The main benefits of adding a Z-Wave compatible garage door opener include:

1. You can integrate the garage door sensor with other Z-Wave enabled devices, such as smart lights, security cameras, smart locks, etc. Thus, you can integrate with smart devices from different manufacturers without limiting only 1 brand.

2. You can control your garage door remotely with the Z-Wave technology.

3. The communication between Z-Wave garage door opener and smart devices is through proprietary Z-Wave signal.

In other words, even without the Internet, the Z-Wave garage door controller and other Z-Wave compatible devices can still connect to each other.

#2. Top 3 Best Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Reviews

The garage door controllers listed below are easy to install and are 100% compatible with Z-Wave protocol.

You can also watch the videos in the detailed reviews below.

1. GoControl Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller Review

GoControl DIY Z-Wave garage door opener works with most residential garage door operations and is compatible with all Z-Wave certified smart devices.

By integrating with your current garage door opener, you can enjoy remote lock or unlock via the existing Z-Wave network and controller.

Once some pries your garage door, this DIY garage door opener will provide loud audible and bright visual warnings to scare off any unwanted.

You can DIY installing this smart Z-Wave garage door opener with around 20 minutes.

Simply put up the tilt sensor to the upper right/left of your garage door with the double-sided tape or use the screws to mount it to the door.

Mount the GoControl garage door controller with the included bracket.

Connect the GoControl device to the existing garage door opener with wires.

You can watch the video below on how to install a Z-Wave garage door opener.

2. Linear Z-Wave Garage Door Remote Controller Review

Linear Z-Wave garage door opener is compatible with most automatic garage door openers w-sectional garage door.

By adding this smart garage door remote controller to a Z-Wave based app, you can lock or unlock your garage door anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

You can even monitor the lock/unlock status of the garage door.

The Linear Z-Wave garage door sensor supports audible and visual warnings before the door movement.

You can install the garage door opener with 4 simple steps: pair it to the gateway, mount it and connect 2 two wires and plug it in.

Get the step-by-step guide to install this Z-Wave compatible garage door opener.

3. Telguard GDC1 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Review

Telguard GDC1 Z-Wave garage door control switch enables you to turn on/off your garage door with the Z-Wave app.

It also comes with the 5-second sound and visual siren to deter any unwanted.

Telguard GDC1 is UL-certified, meaning that the device is safe to use.

This device is really smart. It will automatically close the garage door if the door fails to close at the first time. However, it will suspend operation after 2 failed attempts.

The Z-Wave garage door opener system comes with a battery-powered tilt sensor and the wired GDC1 so you don’t have to change the battery for the smart opener.

Telguard GDC1 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Wiring Diagram



Here is a video tutorial to help you install this Z-Wave garage door opener within minutes.

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