Open Your Door Without a Key – Smart Door Lock with Proximity Sensors

Smart door locks nowadays are getting more and more convenient to use, and they even come with a feature that allows you to lock/unlock the lock without doing anything. That’s is true, you don’t need to open the app at all. To find out how this is achieved, here is something about the proximity sensor you may wanna know.

What Is Smart Door Locks’ Proximity Sensor?

A proximity sensor is a sensor that can detect a certain type of object when the object is near without physical contact. And smart Locks use proximity sensors to detect the presence of your smartphone to confirm your location so that your lock will know what to do next automatically.

What Can a Smart Lock’s Proximity Sensor Do?

A proximity sensor will not be a single technology that solely determines how a smart door lock operates. Luckily, combining technologies including Bluetooth, Geofences, Wi-Fi, GPS and more with a proximity sensor can help the smart door lock to enhance its Auto Lock/Unlock functions experience more precisely and accurately. In this way, the smart lock will be able to lock the door when you leave your house or unlock the door when you arrive.

Best Smart Lock with Bluetooth Proximity Sensor

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock with Proximity Detection

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock with Proximity Detection
To the shop

The latest August Gen 4 smart door lock is the most popular for people who are looking to have a premium Auto Lock/Unlock feature.

August smart door locks are designed for existing deadbolts so that you don’t have to remove all your existing lock components. The 4th generation of the August lock comes in a more portable size without sacrificing its powerful performance. It can work with Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa seamlessly, and managing access to your friends and families is effortless via the August App.

Most importantly, the August smart door lock has one of the best Auto Lock/Unlock technologies. By using Bluetooth proximity sensor detection, WiFi, and DoorSense, you will be able to control the lock completely hands-free and your lock can even automatically after a set amount of time. For more details of their Auto-Unlock feature, you can see their official FAQs about how their Auto-Unlock works here.

Although the price of the August Wi-Fi lock is kind of high, it will still be the top solid choice for proximity detection. But you also have other options in the market for sure, and you can check out these smart locks with Auto Lock/Unlock feature here.

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