Top 2K Doorbells – They Still Have The Highest Resolution in 2022

In recent years, doorbell cameras have become smarter and more advanced. And one of the improvements we can see is that more doorbells are equipped with a better camera with a higher resolution. Compared to a regular 720p/1080p doorbell, 2K doorbell cameras can give you fine details and shaper video footage.

Wanna know if you really need a 2K doorbell and its pros and cons? You’ve come to the right spot. Also, you will see some top recommendations for the best 2K (Wired & Wireless) doorbell cameras that are available for purchase in 2022.

Why Is a 2K Doorbell Worth-Buying?

A doorbell camera supports higher resolution up to 2560×1920 while 1080P doorbells only support 1600×1200 resolution. This means you will have better image quality and you will get more details when you zoom in on the 2K video recordings. For people who uses devices with limited screen size, the difference might not be obvious. But if you are going to view the video full screen on a TV or a big monitor, there will be a significant difference.

Also, if your doorbell supports AI face recognition, using a 2K resolution doorbell camera will help the system to identify faces and objects more accurately.

Is a 2K Doorbell Always Better Than 1080P Doorbells? No

Although 2K doorbells are better when it comes to video image quality, it does not mean everyone should go purchase one, especially when you have a limited budget.

Internet Connection

2K resolution uses more data than HD video and requires more bandwidth to view the video stream smoothly on your devices. There is no fixed internet speed required to stream 2K video from a doorbell due to different doorbell hardware, software optimization, encoding, your home WiFi environment, etc.

According to my experience, you’d better have at least 5Mbps of bandwidth to get the best performance, and it allows the doorbell to record 2K video feed and be live-viewed remotely without lags. So, although these 2K doorbells can downsize into 1080P streaming size, always make sure your WiFi condition is good before buying a 2K doorbell camera.

Recording File Size

It is also known that higher resolution will make your recording files larger. Although you may not tell the image difference on your phone since the screen is small, you will see the difference if you choose to store all the recordings onto a local SD card. For people who need to save recordings as long as possible and don’t need 2K image, a 1080P doorbell is still a better choice.

Best 2K Doorbell Cameras You Can Buy in 2022

Best Overall – eufy Security 2K Resolution Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

eufy Security 2K Resolution Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

The best and the most popular wired 2K doorbell on the market is the eufy 2K WiFi video doorbell. It’s an excellent and reliable model that comes with a low-profile design and compact appearance. Although it does not have a fancy “Smart” look like expensive Ring doorbells, the eufy 2K video doorbell is a go-to option when choosing a budget-friendly doorbell with 2560 x 1920 resolution.

Besides the decent image, eufy claims that they developed this doorbell with their advanced HDR and distortion correction, giving you crystal-clear videos beautifully. The doorbell’s got an instant notification and two-way audio. On top of that, with eufy AI technology and algorithm, you only will be altered when a real human is at the door.

Most importantly, this is also a perfect match for people who don’t wanna pay the expensive monthly fee. You don’t even need to buy an SD card, there is a 32GB built-in storage for you to save the footage. Compared to Ring doorbells, one thing the eufy Security 2K doorbell camera does better is that it connects Google voice assistant nicely. And you can voice control the doorbell through Hey Google or Amazon Alexa anytime.

eufy Security 2K Wireless Video Doorbell (Battery Powered Version)

eufy Security 2K Wireless Video Doorbell

What if you don’t have existing doorbell wires? Can you still use the eufy Security 2K doorbell? Yes, eufy has a new edition of their 2K doorbell and what is different to the old model is that you can power the doorbell with a built-in battery and wires both.

Additionally, this new battery powered version is equipped with a SONY sensor for battery detection. It does not come with a traditional chime and it does not have any internal storage on the doorbell. On the contrary, you will get a eufy Homebase as a doorbell chime and a storage station which can save up to 16GB of recordings.

Lorex 2K WiFi Video Doorbell with 32GB SD Card Storage

Lorex 2K WiFi Video Doorbell with 32GB SD Card Storage

The Lorex 2K WiFi Video Doorbell is the best wired QHD doorbell that comes with a 32GB SD card with ample storage for storing your recordings. The doorbell provides an advantage over standard doorbells because Lorex offers a nightlight feature to shed light on your doorstep and you can turn it on/off by setting the schedule freely.

The Lorex 2K WiFi doorbell has an advanced quick response feature and you can customize the response message to meet your needs, and it also features built-in person detection that sends notifications to your phone smartly.

As a solid wired doorbell with 2K resolution, the Lorex doorbell works with mechanical chimes and digital chimes perfectly. And you will get a chime kit included in the package to ensure the power supply is stable.

Foscam 2K/4MP Video Doorbell Camera with Free Cloud Storage

Foscam 2K/4MP Video Doorbell Camera with Free Cloud Storage

The best 2K doorbell that provides flexible storage solutions is the Foscam 2K/4MP doorbell.
It’s also a feature-rich and versatile doorbell that delivers nice and smart performance. Compared to most smart doorbell cameras, it has wider viewing angles (170°) and it supports 2-way Audio & AI Detection that sends notifications to the APP when the motion detection is active.

This Foscam 2K doorbell kind of looks like Ring, but it has a significant advantage: it allows you to have 7 days free cloud storage with 3 months validity. Also, you can choose to store the recordings onto a Micro SD card. And Foscam claims this 2K doorbell can work with Micro SD card up to 128G.

The doorbell is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Hey Google as well, meaning you can simply view a live stream with voice commands. Besides, the FTP feature allows you to save the recordings to your own FTP address. Most surprisingly, this 2K doorbell is one of the very few smart doorbell cameras to offer dual 2.4 and 5G WiFi connectivity.

COOAU 2K Smart WiFi Security Doorbell Camera

COOAU 2K Smart WiFi Security Doorbell Camera

You may not be familiar with this brand, but what attracts us is that it is a rare 2K doorbell with IP66 waterproof ability. The COOAU 2K doorbell is affordable and provides standard security features like instant alert, motion detection, two-way audio as well.

It has a 10000mAh rechargeable battery and you can choose to wire the doorbell with existing wires also. Like the Foscam 2K doorbell, the COOAU 2K doorbell gives two options when storing recordings – You can use a Micro SD card up to 128GB or subscribe to their cloud plan.

This COOAU doorbell includes a wireless chime and you will have various ring tones to choose from. Although it does not support 5G WiFi connection, COOAU says their built-in upgraded wifi chip will provide broader wifi coverage up to 100ft to run the doorbell reliably.

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