Two-Way Audio Doorbells: Detailed Introduction, Top 5 Picks and FAQs

Two-way audio doorbells provide instant communication to you. When you have visitors at your doorstep, you can talk with them via your smartphone wherever you are.

In this post, we specify the types of doorbells with audio, best two-way audio recommendations (with detailed reviews) and FAQs to address possible issues.


#1. Introduction to Two-Way Audio Video Doorbells

#2. Best Two-Way Audio Doorbell Camera Picks

#3. FAQs to Two-Way Smart Doorbell Issues

#1. Two-Way Smart Video Doorbell Detailed Introduction

A 2-way audio doorbell, with a speaker and microphone, enables you to talk with your guests via your iPhone or Android smartphone remotely.

With a truly two-way talk doorbell camera, your visitors and you can talk simultaneously, instead of one end speaking while the other end only listening.

Besides the truly two-way audio doorbell, there are simplex and half-duplex doorbells. You can check the below comparison details of the 3 doorbell types with audio.

Types: Simplex Doorbells

Direction of Transmission: Unidirectional

Send/Receive Data: You can send data but cannot receive it.

Type: Half-Duplex Doorbells

Direction of Transmission: Two-directional, but only one end at a time

Send/Receive Data: You can send and receive data but only either send or receive data at a time (like a talkie walkie).

Type: Two-Way Audio Doorbells

Direction of Transmission: Two-directional at the same time

Send/Receive Data: You and your family/guests in 2 ends can speak and listen simultaneously.

Conclusion: Two-way video doorbells perform better than simplex and half-duplex doorbell types, since people in 2 ends can communicate with each other freely.

100% two-way audio video doorbell top benefits

. Communicate with your visitors in real time.

. Confirm your package delivery during your absence.

. Shout at the trespassers to scare them away before intrusion.

To help you stay connected with your family and talk with your guest wherever you are, you can consider the below two-way audio WiFi doorbells.

#2. Top 5 Best Two-Way Audio Video Doorbells

We have tested many smart video doorbells with 2-way audio in our lab. Through around 2-month testing, we have selected the below top options for you.

1. Best Overall: Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus with Two-Way Audio & HD Surveillance Review

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus is the newest launch of Ring doorbell collection. Its built-in high-quality speaker and microphone provide instant communication to you.

Compared with other Ring doorbell collection, this smart doorbell has the unique pre-roll video recording – view 4-second video before each motion event.

Not just see the in-the-action motion video, but see from-the-beginning-to-the-end event with the pre-roll function.

The wireless video doorbell supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi frequency so that you can switch to each frequency with the strongest WiFi signal.

The 1080p Full HD provides clear images for recognizing the details you need.

The adjustable motion zone feature is really fancy. You can select the important areas for motion detection alerts without being bothered by irrelevant alerts, even when you live in a busy street, the customized motion zones.

Take a look at the video below for the overall smart features of this two-way audio doorbell.

2. Best Budget Pick: Ring Video Doorbell with 2-Way Talk Review

Ring Video Doorbell (the second version) is rated as the world’s most popular video doorbell.

This battery-operated doorbell enables you to see, hear, and talk with your visitors via our iPhone or Android smartphone, tablet or Amazon Alexa device.

By setting up the customized privacy zones and audio privacy, you can focus on the vital parts without being bothered by the unimportant events.

The wireless video doorbell is powered by a quick-release rechargeable battery for 100% wire-free installation.

You can also connect this Ring Doorbell 2 with two-way audio to the existing doorbell wiring for non-stop power supply.

Check this post for a step-by-step guide to wire your video doorbell.

See the stunning video on this smart WiFi video doorbell.

3. Best Smart Pick: eufy Two-Way Audio Video Doorbell

eufy video doorbell enables you to speak to your visitors. Tell your friends you’ll be right back when they are waiting at your front door.

This wired video doorbell only detects a human’s body shape and face pattern with the advanced AI algorithm and pushes instant app notifications.

You’ll never be bothered by a cat, dog, or any animal.

The exceptional feature of this smart doorbell is its 2K resolution, much clearer than most video doorbells in the market now.

eufy smart doorbell comes with the local storage card to save the motion-triggered videos for your later playback.

You don’t need to pay monthly fees for cloud storage.

You can get more video doorbells without subscription here.

Watch the real world footage of this 2-way communication video doorbell below.

4. Best Premium Pick: SimpliSafe Pro Smart Doorbell Camera with Two-Way Audio

You can talk to your guests and friends through your mobile phone without ever getting up to answer the door with the SimpliSafe Pro smart doorbell.

This motion sensor doorbell detects the moving warm objects with multiple sensors and ignores irrelevant events, like cars or waving trees.

You can replace your current traditional doorbell with this smart doorbell. Make sure your current voltage is among AC 8-24 V.

The 1080p video doorbell boasts clear images to identify the objects clearly. If there is any crime, the recorded videos can be acted as important evidences for investigating the case.

Upon there are motion events, you will receive real-time push notifications on your smartphone.

Access the video doorbell to see who and what triggered the alerts and take precautions at once.

Check out the detailed installation video of this 2-way talk video doorbell.

5. Best Stylish Pick: Arlo Two-Way Audio Video Doorbell

Hear and talk with your guests with the built-in microphone and speaker of the Arlo Video Doorbell.

By setting up the pre-recorded quick reply messages, you can respond to your guests when you are busy.

Upon someone presses your doorbell button, you’ll receive the phone call so that you won’t miss your visitor.

The built-in siren can be triggered automatically or manually to scare off any unwanted.

Arlo provides 3-month free smart plan (called Arlo Smart) to you for receiving instant app pushes, when the video doorbell detects the motion or audio.

You can playback and share the recordings and configure smart schedules. After the 3-month free plan ends, you’ll need to pay the subscription to enjoy the smart features.

Watch the video below to see how Arlo two-way audio doorbell stays alerted.

#3. Frequently Asked Questions on Two-Way Audio Doorbells

If your smart doorbell audio is not working, you can try the below solutions to fix the issue.

Leave your insights or questions in the comment below. We’ll answer your questions ASAP and feature your unique ideas.

1. Ring Doorbell 2/Pro/Elite/3 & Plus/Peephole Cam/Nest/SimpliSafe Two Way Audio Not Working

My Ring Doorbell Pro two-way communication not working from Android.

No audio from Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

Ring Doorbell Pro choppy audio even with good connection. Statis noses coming from Rin doorbell.

A: If your Ring video doorbells two-way audio is not working, you can try the below solution to fix the issue:

Step 1. Turn off the timeline view on Ring App.

Step 2. Uninstall the Ring App on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Step 3. Reboot your mobile phone.

Step 4. Re-install the Ring App.

Always update the software and firmware to the latest versions.

2. Audio Interference in 2-Way Mode

No sound/microphone on Ring Doorbell Pro.

Ring Doorbell Pro static audio feedback sound.

A: To address the two-way communication issue, please try the below solutions:

Solution 1. Upgrade your app and firmware to the latest versions.

Solution 2. Power cycle and then reset your video doorbell.

Solution 3. Reboot your phone and your WiFi router.

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