Smart Locks for Existing Deadbolt – Replacing a Door Lock Is Easy

If you want to keep your exterior lock but want to upgrade your door’s security and smartness, a smart door lock that fits on existing deadbolts is the best choice for you. Make your door smarter without changing its look, there’re some smart locks available aimed just at this purpose.

Best 5 Smart Locks for Existing Deadbolt in 2021

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation) – Fits Your Existing Deadbolt

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation) – Fits Your Existing Deadbolt
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If you ask me the best smart lock for existing deadbolts, the first product that comes to my mind would be the August smart lock.

From its first generation, the August smart lock has been a compact product for existing deadbolts. And the latest 4th generation is even simpler to use with its smaller size and built-in wifi module. That is to say, you don’t need to purchase an exterior hub or bridge to connect to this smart lock.

The August smart lock can be monitored and controlled via your smartphone, and it will detect if your door is secure when you leave the house. Moreover, you can enable the auto-unlock function – the door lock will unlock automatically when you arrive. What’s more, the smart lock from August can work with almost all the voice assistants these days, which makes the lock voice-controlled and more convenient to use.

August claims that the installation of their smart locks is easy and quick, and you can get it done in 10 minutes. Most importantly, it remains your existing deadbolt and you can still use the keys to open the door manually.

WYZE WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock For Existing Deadbolt

WYZE WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock For Existing Deadbolt
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The Wyze smart lock features Bluetooth technology and Zigbee smart home automation, with a relatively affordable price on the market, and it has become one of the most popular options for existing deadbolts.

The Wyze smart lock comes with a Wyze Lock Gateway – AKA WiFi hub, which helps you to connect to the smart lock smoothly with your phone. With the Wyze app, you can achieve remote unlock/lock, getting door position detection notification, Auto-unlock/Auto-lock, and more. And the smart lock is compatible with Amazon Alexa, which means that you can have hands-free control and let the lock be managed by your voice.

As a worth-buying smart lock, the Wyze smart lock fits over most existing deadbolts and it offers a keypad that’s sold separately. The keypad allows you to give individual codes to friends and family and grant access to them. For people who need to share the door’s access, the keypad is a must-buy.

Kwikset 99140-102 Convert Z-Wave Plus Smart Lock for Existing Deadbolt

Kwikset 99140-102 Convert Z-Wave Plus Smart Lock for Existing Deadbolt
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The Kwikset Convert smart lock is a reliable replacement for your interior lock as long as you are using a standard single cylinder deadbolt that is on the list. Kwikset claims that this Convert smart lock is compatible with selected models from Kwikset, Weiser, Schrage, and Baldwin. If you want to check out if it is compatible with your existing deadbolt, check out this PDF.

The Kwikset Convert smart lock is equipped with Z-Wave Plus technology, and it can be connected to your smart home system with a hub, and you can remotely lock and unlock your door and receive notifications when the door’s status is changed.

However, you don’t get a smart home hub included in the package. The good thing is that the smart lock works with your existing Z-Wave hubs such as Smartthings or Wink perfectly, and you can use this smart lock with Alexa or Google Home once you have a hub that supports Z Wave protocol. But if you don’t have any hubs at hand? You probably need to buy one. Unfortunately, those hubs are fairly expensive.

Sesame Smart Lock for Existing Deadbolts

Sesame Smart Lock for Existing Deadbolts
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The Sesame smart lock is a compact smart lock for existing deadbolts, and it features a built-in adjustable gripper and a stronger motor. According to Sesame, the smart lock work with most single-turn deadbolts and it will not work with -turn deadbolts.

The Sesame smart lock can be installed in seconds as you don’t need any tools. When it’s properly set up, the smart lock can be controlled through its app. And you can view the history log to know who’s been locking and unlocking your door. The smart lock also features auto lock/unlock function that allows you to go out without carrying your keys.

With its WiFi Access Point (sold separately), the smart lock can work with voice assistants and IFTTT. And you will be able to remotely lock/unlock the door and receive real-time notifications with this WiFi Access Point.

Victure Smart Lock – Works Existing Deadbolt

Victure Smart Lock - Works Existing Deadbolt
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There are many smart locks that are compatible with existing deadbolts, but this victure smart lock does not need you to dismantle the original deadbolt, which makes the installation pretty simple.

It works with most single-cylinder deadbolts and it comes with a touchscreen keypad that provides entry code for your friends and families. Besides, the App also allows you to grant temporary access or set scheduled access to others. And it will notify you when the battery is low.

Although this smart lock does not come with many fancy functions, for people who are looking for a smart lock replacement for mortise locks, this is the one.

What You Should Consider When Buying A Smart Lock for Existing Deadbolt

Is your deadbolt compatible with the smart lock?

Each smart lock is different, so you can’t just buy a popular one without knowing the specs. Although these smart locks claim that they are good to be used with most existing deadbolts, you should check their specific measurements or product list to ensure your existing deadbolt is compatible with the lock.

These smart locks differ in size

You’d better be careful with the size when you are buying a new smart lock for your existing deadbolts. Especially when the deadbolt is closed to the door’s edge or window.

If you are going to buy a smart lock that is larger than your old door lock, make sure its size and screws’ positions won’t cause any trouble for installation.

Do you have a WiFi Hub?

If you want to control your lock anywhere and have more smart features for your smart lock, some smart locks require a Wifi hub or bridge to achieve that. So you should know what kinds of technology the smart will use to connect to WiFi, Zigbee or Z-wave? And if you’ve already had a smart system at home, don’t buy the wrong one.

For people who only want a simple smart lock that can be remotely controlled easily, a smart lock with a built-in WiFi module is the best way to go.

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