Buy Best Doorbells for Your Bedroom? Start Here

“Can’t hear my doorbell ring when I am in my bedroom, kitchen, basement, etc. What should I do?”

“Wanna get a doorbell for my children’s bedroom, which one should I get?”

We’ve got your back! You can check the 3 best bedroom doorbells in Part 1 (with installation videos).

We also list top considerations in Part 2 when buying the best doorbell for sleeping room.

You can also check the installation tips in Part 3 to avoid any possible electrical shocks, and make the best out of your bedroom doorbells!

Here we GO!

Part 1. Doorbells for Bedroom: Top 3 Picks for You

Part 2. How to Pick the Best Bedroom Doorbells

Part 3. Quick Tips for Bedroom Doorbell Installation

Part 1. Top 3 Wireless Smart Bedroom Doorbells for Your Consideration (with Intuitive Installation Videos)

The 3 doorbells listed here are suitable for your own bedroom door, as well as your children’s or teenagers’ bedrooms.

Some of them can even sing beautiful melodies!

Pick 1. SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell

SadoTech Model C wire-free doorbell system has a versatile indoor receiver, which will be installed on your bedroom door, or near your bedroom, and an outdoor transmitter button.

This smart wireless doorbell system can operate in a distance of 500 feet, even 1000 feet in an open area.

So, you can hear your bedroom doorbell ring when your friends, neighbors, or delivery men press the transmitter button.

The doorbell comes with 4 adjustable volume levels (25-100 dB), and 52 melodies so that you can adjust the doorbell’s voice and song based on your preference.

You can pick a rather slow and gentle song if you install this doorbell in your baby boy or girl’s bedroom.

The bonus of this doorbell is that you don’t need any wires or drilling holes.

Simply plug the receiver into a power outlet, and then stick the transmitter button with provided double-sided tapes, and all is done!

You can watch the video below for the super easy installation process (only 40 seconds!)

Pick 2. AVANTEK CW-21 Waterproof Wireless Doorbell

AVANTEK CW-21 wireless doorbell, with IP55 dustproof and waterproof design, can work perfectly even in hot or cold weather (-4 °F to 140 °F).

The super long operation range (up to 1000 feet) enables you to hear the doorbell ring when you are in your second or third story bedroom.

This doorbell also provides up to 5 adjustable volume levels (up to 115 dB) and 52 selectable melodies. You can pick your favorite one or change the music on a daily basis.

Please watch the video below for the quick installation guide of this bedroom doorbell.

Pick 3. MoKo Wireless Doorbell for You or Your Children’s Bedroom

MoKo wireless doorbell can work in a distance of up to 490 feet (150m), so you can hear the doorbell ring even you are far away.

It supports 36 ring tones and 5 levels of adjustable volume (25-85 dB), you can adjust the sound to your ideal volume.

Rated as IP44 waterproof, you can place the transmitter outside without worrying about the rain or shine.

Part 2. Top 4 Considerations to Note When Choosing the Best Bedroom Doorbells


When considering which bedroom doorbell to go with, you can bear the top 4 points in mind:

1. Long operation range: Normally, there would be a certain distance between your front door and your bedroom.

Thus, the receiver and the transmitter button need to communicate in a long distance so that you can heart the “Ding-Dong” sound when someone presses the button.

You won’t miss your package delivery, or visiting guest.

2. Adjustable volume levels: Since the doorbell receiver would be installed on your bedroom door, or other positions near your sleeping room, you don’t need super loud voice when staying in your sleeping room.

If the doorbell receiver is installed near your children’s room, you don’t want the loud voice to wake your angels up when sleeping. You can turn down the doorbell receiver in such a circumstance.

When you are cooking in the kitchen or doing house work in the living room, you can turn up the doorbell to make sure you won’t miss the voice.

3. Easy installation: Plug-and-play doorbells would be the best choice for your bedroom. You don’t need to run messy wires, or drill holes to install the doorbell.

So always check the installation process before purchasing your smart doorbell for your bedroom.

4. High-quality and favorable: You can now buy high-quality doorbells for your bedroom even under $20!

Remember to check the previous customers’ reviews to see if it’s a reliable doorbell.

Part 3. Pro Tips for Bedroom Doorbell Installation


To make the best out of your bedroom doorbell, and prevent any hazards, please take the below useful installation tips.

1. Make sure the doorbell receiver is installed in a position out of your children’s reach. The receiver needs to be plugged into a power outlet to function.

Your curious baby boys or girls would touch the doorbell when it rings, which might lead to electrical shocks.

After you’ve plugged in the doorbell, also use the insulating tape to prevent electric leakage.

2. Please install the doorbell transmitter button to an ideal position. You can put up the transmitter to the position where a teenager can reach.

Avoid installing the transmitter to a rather low position, since dogs or cats might press it due to curiosity. You don’t want to be bothered by the false “Ding-Dong” voice.

3. Install the doorbell transmitter in a rather clean and smooth position. Many doorbell transmitters come with double-side tapes, so that you can stick the transmitter button to your door without drilling holes.

You can use a cloth to clean the smooth position before installing the transmitter. After that, the double-sided tape can hold the transmitter much more firmly.

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