4K Video Doorbell Cameras Best Guide: What’s New & Top Alternatives

4K doorbell cameras would be a future trend in the smart doorbell field, since they can provide much more crystal-clear images, and larger viewing angle than 1440p, 1080p and 720p counterparts.

Today, we will share our assumptions on the 4K video doorbells that will be launched in the future, and provide the existing smart doorbells in the market now.

If you have any insights about 4K smart doorbells, please leave them in the comment. We will add your ideas in the article.

#1. What’s New About 4K Doorbell Cameras

#2. What’s Hot in Current Doorbell Market

#3. Best Alternatives to 4K Video Doorbells

#1. 4K Video Doorbell Cameras: Future Prediction & Smart Features Assumption

4K smart doorbells will be blossomed in the next several years, as there has been 1440p smart doorbells available now.

8MP video doorbells adopt exceptional 4K image sensor and lens to produce sharper and clearer videos.

What does 4K mean in a video doorbell?

4K video doorbells, also named 8MP (2160p) smart doorbells, deliver a high resolution of approximately 4,000 horizontal pixels, which is 4 times the resolution of 1080p video doorbells.

Battery operated doorbells with higher definition would consume much more power as they need more power to produce clearer videos.

So in the future, 4K video doorbells will either come with much more long-lasting batteries, or need to be plugged into an outlet.

The advanced smart feature prediction of 4K doorbell cameras:

1). Provide much clear images/videos.

2). Offer wider viewing angle.

3). Cover wider area.

4). Offer longer battery life.

5). Provider better and clearer night vision.

6). Perhaps increase the accuracy of artificial intelligence features.

Editor’s Note: All of the features above are the prediction from our expert team, which doesn’t represent any company’s points or announcements.

Who will debut a 4K video doorbell first?

Smart doorbell top players, including Ring, Nest, August, eufy, Simplisafe, etc.would develop the best 4K doorbell cameras in the future as their technology evolves much more advanced and mature.

#2. What’s Hot in Current Smart Video Doorbell Market

In the market now, 1080p video doorbells are still in the dominant position, as they consume less bandwidth and are much more cost-effective compared with 2K and 4MP doorbell types.

720p video doorbells would disappear in the near future, since people would love to view clear images instead of blur ones.

2K video doorbells just blossomed recently, and have become a new favorite by a lot of customers.

This type of video doorbells provide much clearer images compared with 1080p counterparts, while is still quite favorable and affordable.

That’s a nice investment if you want to upgrade your current video doorbell to a higher definition doorbell.

1440p (or 4MP) video doorbells are a doorbell type with the highest definition currently.

They can produce the clearest images and cover widest area than other video doorbells with lower definition.

However, the technology on the 4K doorbells is not that mature. Thus, there would be unexpected compatibility issues, WiFi connection problem or battery consumption issue that need to be addressed.

Thus, in the current status, the best alternatives to 4K video doorbells would be 2K and 1080p smart doorbells.

But we believe that as the technology evolves, 1440p video doorbells would play an important role in the smart home doorbell field.

#3. Best Alternatives to 4K Video Doorbell Cameras

You can consider the below top 2 alternatives to 4K video doorbells currently.

We will keep updating this article. Once there is any 8MP smart doorbell available, we will add them here immediately.

Pick 1. 1080p Full HD Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2 features its 1080p Full HD, 100% battery-powered design, easy installation, etc. Making it one of the best smart doorbells in the market now.

By integrating with an Alexa device, you can access this video doorbell for live streaming via your voice in a hands-free way.

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This 4K video doorbell alternative also supports cloud storage to save motion-triggered videos so that you will never miss any important moment.

You can watch the video below to learn more details about this smart video doorbell.

Pick 2. eufy 2K Smart Video Doorbell with Free Local Storage


eufy 2K video doorbell, with its outstanding 2560 x 1920 high definition, provides super clear videos so that you can recognize a human’s face easily.

One of the most invincible features of this 8MP video doorbell alternative is the free secure local storage.

You can save the videos locally without paying monthly fees for the cloud storage.

Hint: Video Doorbells with Local Storage

This smart doorbell also outsmarts other counterparts with its AI facial recognition technology and sophisticated algorithm.

It can intelligently detect body shape and face pattern and ensure you will only be alerted when a human, instead of a cat or a dog, is approaching your front door.

You can take a look at the review video by ‘lifeHackster’ to get the full introduction as well as the video footage.

One thought on “4K Video Doorbell Cameras Best Guide: What’s New & Top Alternatives

  • September 8, 2020 at 10:04 pm

    I have two Eufy doorbells. I am very happy with the 2K. I just can’t wait until they come out with Eufy doorbell 4K. My wife said there wasn’t enough detail with the ring Doorbell 2. So I did my research and Eufy nailed it for me. From now on, I will only consider 2K or 4K video doorbells. Could an 8K be in my future. One can only dream.


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