Best Peephole Doorbells: Top 4 Picks & Legality Details for You

If you live in an apartment complex and would love to get a peephole doorbell for your front door to stop break-ins, catch package thieves or simply see who’s knocking on your door:

You’ll get the top 4 best peephole doorbell cameras for your apartment, to replace the existing peephole without drilling or NO running wires.

Also, we will discuss if it’s legal to do video surveillance in an apartment to avoid any unnecessary trouble.


#1. Top 4 Peephole Doorbells for Your Apartment

#2. Is It Legal to Do Video Surveillance in a Condo

#1. Top 4 Smart Peephole Doorbells for Your Apartment Complex (Detailed Introduction & Videos)

Even your landlord or HOA doesn’t allow you to drill holes to the walls or door to install a hardline video doorbell or security camera, you can put up the below doorbells for your apartment, as long as your door has the existing peephole.

All of the wireless peephole video doorbells are quite favorable, and can fit every budget.

1. Ring Door View Cam Peephole Doorbell for Your Condo Front Door

Ring Door View Cam Peephole Doorbell

  • 1080p HD Video Resolution
  • Motion Detection
  • Get Alerts on Phone, Tablet, and PC
  • Easy Installation

Ring did an excellent peephole and video combination, and launched its newest Door View Cam, a compact video doorbell that is designed to replace your peephole.

You can upgrade your apartment door’s peephole with this wireless peephole video doorbell.

With the 1080p Full HD, you can see who’s knocking on your door clearly with your smartphone.

If you want to catch the thief who stole your packages or messed your mails, you’ll get crystal-clear video clips for later investigation.

When someone knocks on your door, or presses the button, or when the peephole doorbell camera detects any motion event, you will get instant notifications on your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

With the two-way audio, you can confirm your package delivery and tell the delivery man to put your packages in an ideal location.

The Alexa compatibility enables you to get notifications from Alexa when someone is at your front door, and see & talk to the visitors with an Echo device.

Installing this apartment peephole doorbell is just like a breeze. With the provided tools in the package, you can install it within 5 minutes, no drilling or no wiring.

You can watch the video below to get the step-by-step guide to installing the Ring WiFi peephole doorbell camera.

2. LaView WiFi Peephole Video Doorbell for Your Apartment Door

LaView WiFi Peephole Video Doorbell

  • HD Video with Live View
  • 100% Wire-free
  • Motion-Activated Alerts
  • Two-way Talk
  • Cloud Storage & on-board Storage

If you want to buy a smart doorbell peephole viewer for your rented condo, LaView wireless video doorbell is a nice option.

This peephole camera with doorbell captures 720p HD videos so that you can see your visitors’ faces clearly.

It also comes with a touchscreen monitor so that you can install it inside your flat and can see who it is waiting at your doorsteps easily.

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You can also tap the app on your smartphone to get live streaming wherever you are.

The built-in mic and speaker enable you to communicate with your visitors wherever you are.

The LaView wireless peephole video doorbell viewer can sense the motion events and store the motion-triggered videos to the cloud or the SD card. Thus, you’ll never miss anything important.

This smart peephole video doorbell is a nice fit your apt. renters since you can screw into the peephole socket, and install it securely without drilling into the door or walls.

For more smart features about this peephole doorbell, watch the 2-minute video below.

3. Eques VEIU Rechargeable Doorbell Camera Peephole Viewer

VEIU Rechargeable Doorbell Camera Peephole Viewer

  • Children & Senior Friendly
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy installation
  • 180° Wide-Angle Lens

Eques VEIU WiFi peephole viewer doorbell comes with a monitor so that you can see what’s going on at your front door or porch simply by a glimpse of the monitor.

If you want to get live view or talk to your guests remotely, you can launch the app on your mobile phone to stay connected wherever you are.

You’ll receive app push notifications and a snapshot, as well as motion-triggered videos when there are motion events.

You can access your WiFi peephole doorbell camera who and what triggered the alerts and decide what to act.

This peephole doorbell is great for apartment dwellers and would go with you as you move. Just remove the current peephole that is installed in the door, keeping it to put back in when you leave, this would then fasten on both sides.

You can learn more details about this smart WiFi peephole doorbell for your flat or unit.

4. digitsea Digital Doorbell Peephole Door Camera

digitsea Digital Peephole Doorbell

  • 4pcs IR LEDs
  • Micro SD photoes storage
  • Color sensor
  • Power Source: 4pcs AA Alkaline Batteries

digitsea peephole door camera can automatically capture and save the photos to the SD card when someone presses the button.

This DIY peephole doorbell has an LCD screen so that you can see who is standing at your front door or doorstep.

It’s one of the most cost-saving peephole doorbells in the market now. You can only check who it is by checking the screen.

However, you cannot get remote access with your smartphone, tablet or computer and cannot enjoy other smart features like two-way audio, push notifications, etc.

Still, it’s a basic peephole doorbell that can replace your existing peephole without drilling.

#2. Is It Legal to Install Video Doorbells in Your Apartment

If you opt to a smart peephole doorbell camera for your condo or apartment, you may concern if it’s legal to do so.

Based on the Supreme Court, tenants are entitled to do video surveillance for the exterior parts and general parts of a renting building, provided that they have a legitimate interest, and the flat building is not damaged and other renters’ privacy is not invaded.

In other words, you can install a peephole doorbell for your condo complex in a proper way that will only record the public locations of the apartment and will not invade your neighbors and their guests’ privacy.

You can click here to read more about surveillance legislation.

Before you install a smart peephole doorbell camera, inform your neighbors first.

Tell them that you will only use the doorbell to catch the intruders and will not do any harm to their privacy.

After you have installed the peephole video doorbell, check the recorded videos regularly and delete the unnecessary videos.

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