How High to Install Video Doorbells: Best Height for Perfect Viewing Angle

Video doorbells installed at an ideal height can provide you the most perfect viewing angle, detect motion events effectively and cover the widest areas.

So how high to install Ring, Nest, Simplisafe or other brands’ video doorbells? What ideal height should doorbells be mounted?

Today we will take Ring Video Doorbell as a typical example to show you what factors would determine the best height to mount a video doorbell.

And we will share the exact number so that you can get the best height to put your video doorbells directly!

#1. How High to Install Ring Video Doorbells

How high to mount Ring Video Doorbell, 2, Pro, Elite?

Any suggestion on how best to install the Ring doorbell with this door frame?

Based on Ring staff, the best height is around 48 inches above the ground.

The main factors that determine the height to install or mount Ring doorbells lie in the viewing angle and the distance between the object and the mounting point of the doorbell.

Ring video doorbells can “see” objects in 2 ways.

Ring video doorbell has a wide viewing angle. When someone steps into the monitoring area, the smart doorbell can see the person clearly.

The other ways that Ring smart video doorbells feel the world is via the built-in PIR sensor.

When someone enters the detecting area, the temperature of the surrounding areas will increase, Ring video doorbells can sense the difference and send you real-time notifications.

Please note that mounting a video doorbell too high would not be the best potion.

A smart doorbell is mounted to high will be more effective in capturing the passing cars, instead of the approaching visitors.

Ring video doorbells are effective to sense motion detection events up to 180 degrees and from 5 to 30 feet from the mounting point.

#2. What Height to Install Nest Smart Video Doorbell

What height should a Nest doorbell be installed?

The best height to install Ring doorbell is 42 inches to 56 inches. It’s the perfect height for you to get the faces of anyone at your front door.

The viewing angle of the Nest Hello video doorbell is 160 degrees, and it can identify a person’s face clearly or read a license plate from 20-30 ft away.

#3. Hottest FAQs on How High to Mount a Video Doorbell

We have collected some of the topics about video doorbell mount location/height questions, and shared the answers below.

If you have any question or insight, leave them in the comment below, we will feature your questions or ideas here!

Q 1: What will happen if I hang my video doorbell too high or too low?

A 1: Indeed, you can get larger viewing angle, cover more area, have fewer obstructions like bushes and keep the camera out of harm’s way from vandalism when mounting the doorbell extremely high.

But you may not capture or recognize the visitors’ faces effectively.

If you install the smart doorbell to low, you would only record a cat or a dog, perhaps the visitors’ shoes but without people’s faces.

Q 2: What’s the best height to install a video doorbell?

What’s the ideal height to install Ring or Nest video doorbell? Is 6 feet too low for a Ring Floodlight camera?

A 2: Based on the above explanation, the proper height to hang a Ring, Nest or other brands’ video doorbell should be between 40 inches to 52 inches from the ground.

The monitoring effectiveness should be fine if you install your smart doorbell a little bit higher or lower than the height range.

2 thoughts on “How High to Install Video Doorbells: Best Height for Perfect Viewing Angle

  • August 19, 2020 at 2:19 pm

    My porch is 15” high do I need to subtract that from the 4 foot that is recommended, which would make the mount about 3 foot above the porch. Thank you

  • April 29, 2021 at 3:36 am

    There is no need to have the doorbell face height, it has an incredible wide angle view and it will capture the face. Lower is better actually, you want the camera to capture some of the floor, it detects motion a lot better when it can see the feet of the person.

    Additionally, if you’re a parent, it’s good if you can see the floor so if your kids walk out the front door, the motion alarm will go off and capture it.


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