Top 3 Best Smart Door Locks That Work with Nest in 2020

Smart door locks X Nest combo enables you to use your smartphone to lock or unlock your lock, schedule guest access and control the Nest products, etc.

If you have got a Nest device, and would love to get door locks that work with Nest, you can check top 3 picks in the below chart.

We will share the deep insights on each smart lock so that you can learn the main pros and cons of them, and pick the best one within 2 minutes.

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Top 3 Smart Door Locks That Work with Nest

1. August Smart Lock Pro & Connect That Works with Nest Cam and Nest Learning Thermostat

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August Smart Lock Pro now is compatible with Nest thermostat, so that you can view our home’s temperature on the August App, and set your Nest thermostat to home or away status when your unlock or lock your door.

With the August App, you can lock or unlock your front door and view the history tab.

How do I put August lock on Nest?

You can control your Nest Thermostat by linking your Nest account to the August App to enjoy:

. setting up Home/Away Status of the Nest Learning Thermostat.
. viewing your home’s temperature on your smartphone while you are away.

For more details about how August smart door lock that works with Nest, please watch the video below.

It’s a perfect Nest-compatible smart lock for your front/back door, detached garage door.

2. Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock That Is Compatible with Google Nest

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By pairing the Kwikset Kevo smart lock to your Nest Learning Thermostat, you can set up your thermostat to Home or Away status when you lock or unlock your door via Kevo App.

You’ll get a much more energy-saving smart home with the integration.

This smart lock links to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology, and it can sense you approaching your front door and will unlock when you touch the lock.

If you want to lock or unlock your the Kevo smart lock remotely, you’ll need to add a Kevo Plus WiFi Hub.

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This Nest-compatible smart lock can be opened with a key so that you get another door unlock backup just in case of an EMP attack.

You can watch the video below learn more smart features about this electronic door lock that works with Nest.

3. Yale Smart Lock That Works with Nest App

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What smart locks work with Nest App?

One of the best smart locks that work with Nest Connect or Guard is Yale smart lock.

You can lock or unlock this smart lock, schedule guest access and view see a history of who unlocked the door with the Nest App.

The Google Nest X Yale Lock comes with a keypad so that you don’t need to use any physical keys to unlock the smart lock.

Simply enter the password or just unlock the door via your mobile phone, and then you can get access to your home in a completely keyless way.

You can watch the video below to see how to lock or unlock the WiFi front door lock that works with Nest.

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