MP3 Doorbells Best Guide: You Can Rock Your Visitors Unexpectedly

MP3 doorbells enable you to download the music you like for the receivers to play your favorite sounds when your visitors press the button or the transmitter.

In this complete guide, we will walk you through the pros and cons of DIY MP3 doorbells.

Besides, you’ll get a list of the best MP3 doorbells that will give you lots of inspiration!

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Part 1. MP3 Doorbell Types, Pros and Cons

Part 2. Best MP3 Doorbells for Your Choice (2021 Updated)

Part 1. Check MP3 Doorbell Insights: Types, Pros and Cons

MP3 player doorbells are a kind of popular doorbell that enables you to download and play any of your favorite music when a guest presses the doorbell button.

This kind of customized MP3 doorbells includes wired and wireless types.

Wired MP3 doorbell chimes need to be connected to the existing doorbell transmitter and transformer to function.

When someone presses the doorbell button installed on your front door, the doorbell chime or receiver rings or/and gives of flashing light (if you have a doorbell with light) to let you know someone is waiting at your front porch.

The communication between the doorbell chime and push button relies on a practical wire. Thus this kind of MP3 doorbell chime is wired type.

While some wireless MP3 doorbells that use radio frequency signals and oscillators can allow you to install them without any cords. Unlike smart video doorbells that require a WiFi network, the receivers and the transmitters in wireless MP3 doorbell kits are paired with each other and you don’t have to do complicated configuration. And without the WiFi distance limits, they can work in a fairly long distance. Some wireless plug-in doorbells can work even up to 1,000ft!

MP3 Music Doorbell Pros:

  • Easy to Install and Configure
  • Downloadable MP3
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Budget-saving
  • Work in a Long Distance

MP3 Doorbell Cons:

  • Lack of live streaming
  • Lack of smart app push notifications
  • Normally not compatible with third-party devices
  • Lack of other smart home integrity

Part 2. Best MP3 Music Doorbell Recommendations in 2021

Check out our list of top 3 picks of wired and wireless MP3 doorbells that you may like!

We will also include videos that help you download music for your doorbell chimes!

1. Honeywell Wireless MP3 Doorbell Chime and Button

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Honeywell wireless doorbell kit supports downloadable MP3 so that you can choose whichever sound alerts you like.

You can set up various music for different chimes connecting specific transmitters thus you can know which door your guest is waiting at.

You can adjust the doorbell volume to fit your personal requirements, or even adjust the chime to sleep mode at night.

Watch the video below to see how to upload the music to this MP3 doorbell.

Honeywell doorbell chime also provides 7 custom LED halo alert colors. When someone presses the push button, the doorbell chime will flash, giving you the visual signal that you have a guest.

Even a person with hearing impaired can use this doorbell without any problems.


2. NuTone Wired/Wireless MP3 Programmable Doorbell Chime

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NuTone versatile MP3 doorbell chime enables you to upload your own MP3 files to set up unique sound alerts when someone presses the doorbell button.

For example, you can play a Halloween song during the Halloween holiday.

Or you can greet your guests by playing elegant music when on normal days.

This flexible and programmable MP3 doorbell allows you to set the chime for holidays, sports seasons, or favorite songs.

This versatile doorbell chime enables you to connect it to the NuTone wired push button or your current wired doorbell button to use it as a wired chime.

You can also connect this MP3 doorbell chime to NuTone wireless button to use it as a WiFi chime.

3. YourBell Wired MP3 Doorbell Programmable Chime

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You can store the MP3 files to the MicroSD card directly with the YourBell MP3 doorbell chime.

YourBell MP3 doorbell receiver comes with a high-quality amplifier and a co-axial speaker to produce excellent sound quality.

Watch the video below to see how to change MP3 clips with the doorbell button.

This MP3 doorbell chime is wired, so you need to connect the chime to the push button. Thus, you can hear the chime ring when your guests press the button.

The YourBell MP3 programmable doorbell has 4 inputs, two for incandescent bulb or LED and two for LED only.

One of the outstanding features of this doorbell chime is that it can connect to video doorbells and it works with a typical doorbell transformer.

When you connect this doorbell chime to a video doorbell, you can hear the MP3 doorbell chime ring, as well as viewing the live streaming with your smartphone, when your visitors press the button.

Watch the video below to learn how to connect this MP3 doorbell chime to Ring Video Doorbell.

4. Heath Zenith SL-6273-00 Wireless MP3 Doorbell

Heath Zenith SL-6273-00 Wireless MP3 Doorbell, White
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This is another programmable musical doorbell chime that provides high-quality sound and reliable performance. It offers a USB cable and the doorbell plays custom songs, ringtones in MP3 formats nicely when somebody presses the push-button on the door.

This wireless door chime is battery-operated and you need to install the push-button within 100 ft. To get this doorbell to work, you need 3 C batteries.

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  • September 2, 2019 at 4:06 am

    Have you every tried to modify one of these to create a line-out to plug into an amplifier or PA system?
    Looking for a simple Chime solution and these are great however no line-out.
    Seems like it would be possible to disconnect speaker and use some resistors or small transformer to do voltage/impedance match to line-out…
    Is there a better way?


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