1080p Video Doorbells: Deep Insights, Top Benefits & Recommendations

1080p doorbells are still taking the dominant role in smart home doorbell field, for their rather clear-crystal images, better compatibility and cost-effective feature, etc.

You can get deep insights on what doorbells are rated as 1080p video doorbells, top 4 benefits of 2MP doorbells, and best recommendations.


#1. Dive Into 1080p Video Doorbells

#2. Top Benefits of 2MP Full HD Doorbells

#3. Best 1080p Doorbell Recommendations

#1. What Is a 1080p Video Doorbell Camera

1080p smart doorbells are a video doorbell type with 1,080 pixels vertically.

This type of doorbells is also called 2MP Full HD smart video doorbells.

You can get more comparison details among 720p, 1080p, 3MP and 1440p doorbells below.

720p VS 1080p doorbells: 1080p doorbells can shoot much more crystal-clear images than 720p doorbells.

If there is something usual, your 1080p WiFi or wired doorbells will capture clear evidence for your later playback.

You can watch the video below to see how clearly 1080p video doorbell can be.

1080p VS 3MP VS 1440p doorbells: The 2 doorbell types with higher resolution can provide much clearer images than 1080p doorbells, but will require much more bandwidth.

#2. Top 4 Benefits of 1080p Full HD Smart Video Doorbells

You’ll get top 4 reasons why 1080p wired and wireless doorbells are still the most popular doorbell type in the market now.

If you have any questions about 1080p doorbells, you can leave them in the comment below!

1. 1080p doorbells provide rather crystal images

Though they cannot shoot Super HD images like the 3MP doorbells or 1440p doorbells, the videos captured by 2MP doorbells are clear enough for you to recognize people’s faces.

You can see exactly who is hanging out on your front porch before opening the door.

2. 1080p video doorbells will not consume too much bandwidth

Clearer streaming will consume more bandwidth.

If you opt to 1440p doorbells, you need to get much stronger bandwidth, or you will encounter a slow live streaming issue.

If the Internet connection is slow, your video doorbell might fail to upload the videos to the cloud when there are motion events.

In order to make sure you can get fast live streaming, as well as ensuring your video doorbells will not eat up your Internet, 1080p smart doorbells would be the best option.

3. 1080p smart doorbells are the most cost-effective doorbell type

Normally, you will need to pay more for doorbells with a higher definition.

In other words, 2K video doorbells and 1440p doorbells would be much more expensive compared with 1080p doorbells.

By taking the pricing, image quality, and bandwidth consumption into consideration, 1080p video doorbells are the best way to go.

4. 1080p battery powered doorbells will consume less battery energy

Wire-free video doorbells need a battery to get power. Thus, battery life would be one of the priorities.

Battery operated doorbells will absorb more battery power when loading clearest live streaming.

A 1440p doorbell might “drink” up the battery with just 1 or 2 months.

1080p doorbells can consume less battery power compared with other doorbells with higher resolution.

So you don’t need to charge the battery frequently.

#3. Best 1080p Video Doorbell Recommendations 2020

You can check the below chart to get 3 best 1080p video doorbells that get highly praise from top-tier media and win great ratings from customers.

Ring Video Doorbell 2Ring Video Doorbell ProZmodo Pro
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