Smart Locks with Auto Unlock – Now Opening Your Door Is Simpler

What Is Auto Unlock?

There are many fancy smart locks for your home on the market, but not many of them can unlock automatically. If you don’t want to fumble for your keys every time, a smart lock with auto unlock function may help you nicely.

It is kind of similar to auto lock function that helps you ensure your door is locked when you are out, auto unlock allows smart locks to detect your position to unlock the door for you. When you are within a certain distance, you can open your door directly without getting your keys out. With this feature, you don’t need to do anything after you’ve arrived, the door is already unlocked.

How Can A Smart Lock Auto Unlock? How Does It Work?

There are many ways to achieve auto unlock, but the most commonly used one is using Geofencing technology, which can locate the position of your phone by using GPS, Bluetooth connection and WiFi nodes to ensure your smart device’s position and tell the smart lock when it should unlock automatically. Among these detection methods, Bluetooth is the most accurate, practical, and economic at the same time. So smart locks support auto-unlock feature usually require the Bluetooth is “ON” on your phone to lock and unlock intelligently.

Best 3 Smart Locks with Auto Lock in 2021

August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock with Auto Lock & Unlock

August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock with Auto Lock & Unlock

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When you don’t want to do much researches, choosing the most popular product is always safe. The August 4th Generation smart lock is an aesthetic and reliable product that offers smart control, and this new generation smart lock does not require any bridge to connect to WiFi, this is the biggest improvement compared to previous generations.

The August Wi-Fi smart lock does not require you to change your exterior lock so nobody knows you are using a smart lock inside. Moreover, the installation is pretty easy, just simply attach it to your existing deadbolt and you can still keep your keys for opening and locking the door manually.

The August smart lock will switch from “Home Mode” to “Away Mode” when you are leaving the house, and the auto-unlock will activate when you arrive again within 5 meters. August claims that they can seal your door after the amount of time you choose and your door can be automatically unlocked by understanding the proximity of your phone. So the auto-unlock function is not going to work when you are at home, and there is no false au-unlock.

By connecting the August smart lock to your home assistants including Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings, you can voice control the lock, give more commands, add lock schedules in a routine easily.

Yale Assure Wi-Fi Smart Lock with Auto-Unlock

Yale Assure Wi-Fi Smart Lock with Auto-Unlock

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If you don’t want the August lock because of a lack of deadbolts or want to replace your existing deadbolt with a smarter one, the Yale Assure Wi-Fi smart lock is a good choice. Since Yale is owned by the same parent company, you can also control the smart door with August App.

And its auto-lock and auto-unlock features are identical to August smart locks. You can enable Auto-Unlock to unlock your door without the hassle of keys in the app and disable it if you want to unlock the door with your keys or apps.

The Yale Assure is also a model that you don’t need additional hubs to work with as it comes with a Wi-Fi bridge. And it seamlessly works with your smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home.

For people who need a smart lock with a touch screen, this smart lock from Yale is the best. You can use keys, apps, touch screen to unlock the door, and this is way more convenient than traditional deadbolts.

Ultraloq Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro + Bridge WiFi Adaptor

Ultraloq Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro + Bridge WiFi Adaptor

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There are times you want to unlock your door with biometric fingerprints? Maybe you need this Ultraloq Smart Lock. The U-Bolt Pro door lock from Ultraloq provides decent remote controls and you can see a log of the door locks’ users. And this is one of the best smart door locks with 6 keyless entries. Unlike a traditional keypad door lock, the keypad on this lock is Anti-peep and it adds random digits to protect your security

It does a great job in locking and unlocking your door automatically by using Bluetooth. Besides, it has more strengths: The product is equipped with a “Shake to Open” feature that is fun to use and “Touch and Go 360° Fingerprint ID” technology. Most importantly, you can still use your keys to open and lock the door in a traditional way.

The lock is IP65 rated so it is weatherproof, even for outdoor use. According to Ultraloq, the door lock’s battery can work for up to 1 year, and you can use MicroUSB to charge the AA Alkaline batteries. And you will get a notification once the battery is running low.

Regarding smart home integrity, the Ultraloq Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro can work with Alexa and Google Assistant, and IFTTT. Overall, this smart door lock provides various keyless entries and can be a dependable partner for your home.

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