Z-Wave Smart Locks: Complete Details and Top 4 Best Picks

Z-Wave smart locks can integrate with other smart devices through Z-Wave technology.

You can use your Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus door locks with other brands’ smart devices at the same time, as long as all of the smart home products support Z-Wave.

Wonder what are Z-Wave deadbolt locks, and how they work? Skip to Part 1 directly!

If you want to buy Z-Wave padlocks for your home door, you can jump to Part 2 to get top 4 recommendations.


Part 1. Z-Wave Smart Lock Complete Introduction

Part 2: Z-Wave Smart Lock Top 4 Picks

Part 1. Introduce Z-Wave Smart Locks in Full Details

In order to help you get deep insights on Z-Wave padlocks or lever locks, we explain this type of smart locks from 3 aspects:

1. What Are Z-Wave & Z-Wave Plus Gate Smart Locks

AA-Wave is a kind of wireless communication protocol that is adopted among smart home devices, such as smart locks, security cameras, video doorbells, thermostats, etc.

It’s a mesh network adopting low-energy radio waves to integrate smart devices even from different brands.

Smart devices that pack in Z-Wave can talk to each other so that you can control them with your smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. wherever you are.

Z-Wave smart locks are a much lower-power alternative compared with WiFi type, and can provide longer connection distance compared with Bluetooth smart locks.

AA-Wave Plus is the upgrade version of Z-Wave, which can provide longer connection distance and extend battery life.

Nowadays, most of Z-Wave smart locks adopt the latest and most advanced Z-Wave Plus technology.

Thus, if you buy a Z-Wave lock, it’s highly like that it will be a Z-Wave Plus smart lock.

2. How Do Z-Wave Smart Locks Work

Z-Wave smart locks cannot communicate with your home router directly.

You’ll need a central hub, like the Samsung SmartThings Hub, that acts as a bridge between your Z-Wave smart lock and router.

After that, you can use your mobile phone to control your Z-Wave smart lock remotely.

All of the Z-Wave smart devices communicate with each other via the Z-Wave radio wave without the Internet.

However, if you want to access the devices via your smartphones or tablets remotely, a central hub is necessary.

3. Top 3 Benefits Z-Wave Smart Locks

You can benefit from Z-Wave smart locks from the below points:

1). You can integrate your Z-Wave lock with other smart devices that pack in Z-Wave without limiting to only one single brand.

2). Compared with Bluetooth smart locks, Z-Wave lock type can provide longer connection distance, usually over 300ft, while Bluetooth type only offers a communication range of 30-40ft.

3). Compared with WiFi and Zigbee smart locks, Z-Wave locks can provide you with much more stable signal connection, since Z-Wave smart locks have its dedicated frequency.

Part 2. Top 4 Best Z-Wave (Plus) Smart Locks

If you want a quick look-through on best Z-Wave front door locks, you can check the below table directly to get the 4 picks.

Under the table, we also provide the highlights of each Z-Wave smart lock so that you can get more details about them!

Schlage BE469 Z-Wave Smart LockCheck on Amazon
August Smart Lock Pro + ConnectCheck on Amazon
Yale Assure LockCheck on Amazon
Kwikset SmartCode 888 LockCheck on Amazon

1. Schlage BE469 Z-Wave Smart Lock

Schlage BE469 smart lock adopts Z-Wave technology so that you can lock or unlock your door remotely via your computer or smartphone.

This Z-Wave smart lock also comes with the following smart features:

• Work with Alexa so that you can use your voice to control your smart lock.
• Enjoy Keyless entry and lock/unlock your door remotely.
• Battery operated and 100% wire-free
• Easy installation (less than 10 minutes)

2. August Smart Lock Pro + Connect That Supports Z-Wave Plus

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect supports Z-Wave Plus, Bluetooth as well as WiFi so that you can control your door in your preferred way.

August Z-Wave Plus Smart Lock Highlights

• Works with Alexa
• Control your door wherever you are.
• Track activities at your front porch with a 24/7 Activity Feed.
• Super easy installation with just a screwdriver.
• Works with most standard deadbolts.

3. Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave Plus

Yale Assure Z-Wave Plus smart lock enables you to lock or unlock your door via your phone anywhere you are.

You can also integrate this smart lock with other Z-Wave supported devices to enjoy a truly connected and smart home.

Yale Assure Z-Wave Plus Door Lock Smart Features

• Works with Alexa to enjoy a hands-free way to control your door.
• Unlock the door using the touchscreen keypad. Even you forget to bring your phone with you, you can still get access to your home.
• Lock the doorbell by a tap on the keypad.
• Supports auto-lock function.

4. Kwikset SmartCode 888 Z-Wave Plus Smart Lock

Kwikset Z-Wave Plus smart lock enables the lock to communicate with other devices with the dedicated Z-Wave Plus radio wave without worrying about signal interference.

More Smart Features of Kwikset Z-Wave Plus Door Lock

• Lock or unlock your door from anywhere.
• Enjoy keyless entry.
• Get real-time notifications when someone locks or unlocks your door, or check if your door is closed.
• Provides 30-second auto-lock function.

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