Smart Lock Without Deadbolt: 2 Best Options with Reviews and Videos

No deadbolt? No problem!

There are a lot of smart locks for your door without deadbolt on the market now!

Here we provide top 2 suggestions for non-deadbolt smart locks. You’ll get detailed reviews for each option as well as awesome videos!

Top 2 Best Smart Locks for Your Door Without Deadbolt

Smart locks with no deadbolt have become another trend in the smart lock field.

This type of front door smart locks typically comes with a sleek & elegant design that fits over your door décor without standing out too much.

Now check out the 2 reviews on the smart locks for door without deadbolt.

#1. Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth Smart Lock Without Deadbolt Review

Ultraloq UL3 5-in-1 smart lock fits your front or back door without deadbolt perfectly. You can simply replace your current door lock with this smart lock via a screwdriver — no wiring and no drilling.

This smart lock with handle also fits standard interior doors with a single borehole. It comes with an optional deadbolt cover plate that fits over your existing deadbolt.

Ultraloq smart door lock is the most versatile lock that we ever reviewed in the market now. You can use 5 ways to unlock the door: fingerprint, password, smartphone, shake/knock to open and key.

Your fingerprint is the key to get keyless entry to your home. This smart lock can store up to 95 fingerprints, so your whole family can unlock the door without taking any key.

The smart front door lock has an anti-peep keypad so that you can enter the password to get access to your home.

The anti-peep feature ensures that vicious people cannot steal your password via looking at the worn-out digits or watching you nearby when you enter the password.

By knocking on your iPhone 4 times, or shaking Android smartphones, you can open your door without launching the U-tec App or entering the password.

Your phone is now your key too. By downloading the U-tec App, you can tap the app to unlock your door with the Bluetooth technology.

FYI: Bluetooth Smart Lock

You can even share temporary access for your guests on specific dates or times, and get a log of people’s coming and going.

Watch the video below about the best smart lock no deadbolt.

#2. Yale Assure Lever Smart Door Lock With No Deadbolt

Yale Assure smart door lock is another ideal option for doors without deadbolt.

You can replace your existing lever or knob on your doors with a single hole (without deadbolt) with just a screwdriver.

By linking this smart door lock without deadbolt to a compatible system, like Ring Alarm, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, ADT, etc. you can lock or unlock your door without keys.

With a compatible central hub, like the SmartThings Hub, the smart door lock works with Alexa so that you can control the door lock via your voice.

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Simply create unique entry codes for your relatives or guests without hiding the keys under the vase anymore, and delete the codes anytime you want.

Yale Assure smart lock ensures 100% keyless entry and your keys won’t be picked or bumped and no keys to lose or be copied.

The smart door lock is designed for any door without deadbolt, including your front/back doors, side entry doors, home offices, basement doors, garage entry doors, etc.

Check out the video for more smart features of the Yale Assure smart lock with no deadbolt.

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