Best Halloween Doorbell Buying Guide in 2020 and Top 2 Picks for You

Do you want to get a unique and spooky Halloween doorbell to have a special trick or treat?

You’ll get 2 best recommendations here with spooky and creepy appearance.

We also share a buying guide with you on how to choose the best Halloween decoration doorbells.

#1. Halloween Doorbell Buying Guide
#2. Best Halloween Doorbell Options

#1. How to Choose the Best Halloween Spooky Doorbells: Top 4 Points

When you choose a Halloween animated doorbell, you can simply focus on the below top points to get the best one to celebrate the Halloween.

Your house would be the most “spooky” one in your community!

Pick a Halloween Doorbell with Special and Spooky Look

To surprise the children who will go to press your doorbell to play the trick or treat game, or any visitor, remember to get a Halloween spooky doorbell.

For example, Halloween eyeball doorbells would be nice option with their creepy and scary design.

When the doorbell is pressed, the eyeball in the doorbell will be open and lighted up. The eyeball is super bright and really shines when in the dark, which can even roll to scare the candy “goblins”.

What an unforgettable experience!

Get a Halloween Doorbell with Sound or Music

The best spooky Halloween doorbell should come with creepy music.

When someone presses the doorbell, the Halloween talking doorbell will play the scary sound to scare off the visitors.

The Halloween haunted doorbell can speak out several simple words with horrible sound, like “You ran?”

You can watch the video below for a Halloween doorbell conversation or sound effect.

Choose an Outdoor Halloween Doorbell That Can Be Placed on Your Front Door

Outdoor doorbells with waterproof rating can protect the doorbells as well as their inside parts from rain or water jets.

Thus, always purchase a Halloween vampire or pumpkin doorbell with weatherproof protection, so that you can install this doorbell on your front door or doorstep without worrying about the weather.

With the solid outdoor protection, your Halloween ring doorbell can last longer time for your future Halloween prank.

Purchase a Battery Operated Halloween Doorbell That Is Easy to Install

Whatever Halloween doorbell types you want for the prank, be it skull doorbells, antique doorbells, spider doorbells, etc., always buy one that is battery powered.

Battery operated doorbells can be powered up simply by inserting the batteries into them, and they’ll start working immediately.

You don’t need to run any power cable or run any wire for your Halloween doorbell, which is dead easy to install and re-locate.

When the Halloween is over, you can change the Halloween doorbell into a normal video doorbell for the Foolish Day or next Halloween.

#2. Top 2 Halloween Doorbells for Your Consideration

In this part, we will list the 2 best Halloween eyeball doorbells for your recommendation, so that you can purchase the best one for your upcoming Halloween within 2 minutes without wasting time on Google.

Gemmy Animated Halloween Eyeball Decoration Doorbell

Gemmy 57622 Animated Eyeball Doorbell with Sound Effects, Halloween Party & Haunted House Decoration
  • One Prop
  • Item Size: 5L X 3.5W X 7.3H
  • Item Lights Up And Features Animation And Sound.

Gemmy Halloween eyeball doorbell is one of the best options for you to prank the kids or visitors.

The eyeball of this doorbell will light up when someone presses the doorbell.

The Halloween ring doorbell chime has 4 different sounds or sayings. The doorbell can speak with each ring.

Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included in the package), this Halloween animated doorbell with eyeball is extremely easy to install. You can finish the installation process within 5 minutes.

Sler Halloween Decoration Doorbell with Eyeball

Halloween Doorbell Decoration for Indoor & Outdoor, Animated Lightup Talking Eyeball Doorbell for Animatronic Halloween Decor, Trick or Treat Event for Kids, Haunted House Halloween Party Prop
  • SCARY HALLOWEEN DECORATION USING TIPS: Turn on the switch(on the back), press the button on doorbell, The eye will open with green light and turn around, make scary sounds. It is a realistic animated props for Halloween decoration.
  • SPOOKY ADDITION TO ANYONE'S HALLOWEEN DECOR: The eye is incredibly bright, in the dark it REALLY shines. The animation is very smooth, and the look is awesome and very halloweeny.
  • GREAT FOR GREETING TRICK OR TREATERS: or Visitors to Your Haunted House! Install on door, to scare some candy gobblins and mission accomplished!
  • NICE COLLECTION | GIFT IDEAS: Add this to your Halloween Collection or use it during April fools or any time of year to scare and prank everyone! It will make a nice addition to your Halloween trail.
  • SUPER EASY INSTALLATION: Dimensions: 6.590 inchesH x 2.795 inchesW, Battery: required 3AA Batteries (Not included)

Sler eyeball doorbell will open & roll its green eye and make scary sounds, when the doorbell is activated. It’s really one of the ideal props for Halloween decoration or prank.

The green eyeball will be super bright in the dark. The look and animation are awesome and very Halloweeny.

You can add this doorbell to your Halloween necessities to use in April Foolish Day, Halloween or anytime to scare or prank anyone!

This Halloween doorbell is powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included in the package), so you can make it work simply by inserting the batteries into the doorbell.

Turn on the switch on the back of the doorbell and then mount it to the wall or your front door.

Whenever someone presses the doorbell, they will get a big “surprise”!

You can watch the video below to experience the creepy sounds!

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