Top 7 Antique Doorbells for You: Best Vintage Home Decoration

Antique doorbells can act as a regular button for your visitors to press to notify you, as well as decorating your front door to amaze your guests.

If you want a less intrusive doorbell button for your front door, the vintage doorbell type is your best choice!

Or if you prefer the vintage décor for your mid-century home, the old-fashioned doorbell type fits your needs greatly!

You’ll find the top and fancy antique doorbells below to make your front door even more appealing.

1. A29 Vintage Decorative Iron Circular Doorbell Chime Push Button

Equipped with a classic round look, the decorative A29 old-style doorbell brings a historical feel for your front door. The solid iron material adds an overwhelming heaviness of history to this vintage electric doorbell.

This old-school doorbell is really suitable for people searching for the doorbell type with a sleek and simple design.

The special design — the artistic relief carving word “PRESS”, merged with the doorbell, keeps the perfect appearance of the antique doorbell button, as well as reminding your visitors of pressing this ringer.

You can also add the chime inside your home to get notifications when your visitors press the button.

This vintage style doorbell comes with all the installation accessories, including solid screws, the drill bit for drilling holes, etc.

You can simply open the package and install the antique style doorbell within minutes without hiring installation workers.

2. A29 Antique Brass Decorative Doorbell with Easy Installation

With the smooth ellipse design, this A29 vintage brass doorbell can blend in your elegant front door’s décor in every way. The tiny and cute design makes this old-style doorbell transformer less intrusive.

This vintage doorbell chime press button has a heavy-duty thickness and is made of solid brass for durability.

In the doorbell, there is an artistic “Press” word, and a chic pattern, which makes this doorbell standout from its counterparts.

3. Heath Zenith Antique Brass Ring Doorbell Press Button with Lighted Center

You’ll love this Heath Zenith vintage doorbell with it’s the exquisite anaglyph design.

The noble and elegant appearance would catch your visitors’ eyes for its fancy and unique design. You can wow your guests easily with this old time but fashionable doorbell.

One of the hard-to-beat features of this antique Victorian doorbell comes with a lighted button, which means not fumbling even in the dark.

This vintage doorbell transformer is really a nice fit your mid-century home with the classic and graceful doorbell.

4. A29 Antique Twist Wireless Mechanical Doorbell

Standing like an elegant lady, this A29 vintage decorative brass doorbell makes your front door immersive in the Victoria Period.

The polished lacquered finish makes this old-fashioned wireless twist doorbell sunny and stylish.

This old-fashioned doorbell chime press button is handcrafted with the superior quality brass, giving you years of durability.

This antique style wireless doorbell will make a delightful and charming sound when your visitors twist the doorbell.

The wireless design provides you the most effortless installation. You can simply take it out from the box and install it with several screws that come with the door vintage looking wireless doorbell package.

5. Heath Zenith Decorative Antique Bronze Ring Doorbell

The slender Heath Zenith Bronze doorbell buzzer stands on your front door like a diligent guard.

The durable bronze material makes this doorbell stand firmly even in years. This old-fashioned bell doorbell has a soft and lovely glow at night, so your guests can find the doorbell easily even in the dark.

This old-fashioned wired doorbell is really band-for-the-bank, and will make your front door look much more stylish and add to its value.

With several screws, you can mount the decorative vintage doorbell within minutes! Even you are not especially talented at being handy, you are able to install it without any difficulty!

6. Upstreet Outdoor Old-Fashioned Pull String Doorbell

Upstreet vintage manual doorbell comes with a string for visitors to pull to inform you.

The sleek and lustrous look carries this doorbell a certain flashback. It could strike reminiscences like home cooked meals, school church, etc.

This old-school bell has a pleasant sound, and it looks really awesome hanging off the wall, cute, charming and functional.

You can pull the bell to call your kids back home playing in the back garden or neighborhood.

7. Teiber Craftmade Fancy Decorative Star Lighted Doorbell Push Button

With the firm and unique design, this Teiber antique doorbell looks like a decoration on your front door.

There is a star in the doorbell, which makes the doorbell unique and distinguished from other antique doorbells.

In the middle of the star, there is a lighted doorbell press button. When at night, the button would give off a soft glow to let your guests press the button easily without spending extra time finding out the position of the doorbell transformer.

If you want to find an uncluttered and elegant doorbell, you can try this one.

Without any complicated or dizzy design, this antique doorbell can provide a fancy decoration for your front door or front porch area while keeping functional as a normal doorbell.

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