How to Remove Nutone Doorbell Cover? – Try These Tutorials!

Repairing your doorbell circuit require you to check the wires usually, and the first thing would be taking off the doorbell chime cover. Or, if you buy a new wired smart doorbell, for example, the Ring Doorbell Pro, you may need to remove your existing doorbell chime cover to install the power kit.

If you have a Nutone doorbell cover but don’t know how to remove the cover case, here are some tips that I wanna share with you guys.

How to Remove Nutone Doorbell Cover

First things first, always turn off the power by shutting off the circuit breaker for safety.

Most Nutone doorbell cover is not fixed by screws. So, if the doorbell chime is not painted, you can hold the doorbell chime case with your hands and pull it from the bottom out, and the upper part will simply pop out, you can easily take the chime cover right off in a few seconds.

However, in some of the cases, the case won’t come off easily as they’ve been sticking on the wall for too long and some covers have snaps.

You probably need a flathead thin screwdriver to score the edges of the chime and go around the base. Then insert a screwdriver between the chime cover and the wall to lift the tabs off or loosen the snaps of the cover. Pry it off gently and the cover should pop off from the wall, and remove it with your hands. (Don’t wedge it too hard, otherwise you may break the cover or damage the wall)

What if the doorbell cover is holding by paint?

If the doorbell chime cover is painted on, it is going to be hard to take it off with only a small driver. The first thing we need to do is get through the paint.

And different paint materials will determine how challenging the process is going to be. If the chime is covered by thick hard wall paint, then a larger flathead screwdriver and a hammer for scoring the edges will be the best option. But it will cause damage to the wall more or less, and you need to repair the tiny wall holes later.

If the wall paint is not that difficult to get through, a sharp razor blade will do the trick.

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