Smart Lock with Camera: Best & Only Pick, Pros & Cons, Plus Future Expectation

Locks with a camera combine the remote control function on your door with video live streaming.

Thus, you can remotely see who is waiting at your front door, and lock or unlock your door even you are miles away.

Such a combination turns your front door into a truly smart door.

We will introduce the existing front door lock with a camera, and its pros & cons.

Meanwhile, we will make a prediction on what exceptional technology will be used on security locks with cameras.

Table of Contents:

#1. Introduce World’s First Smart Lock with Video Camera

#2. Top Pros and Cons of Door Locks with Video Cameras

#3. Front Door Smart Locks with Camera Future Prediction

#1. Introduce World’s First & ONLY Smart Lock with Video Camera: What Cutting-Edge Technology Being Adopted Now

Smart Lock by Gate Labs: WiFi All-in-One Doorbell & Deadbolt | App Enabled, Built-in Camera, Two-Way Talk, Remote Unlock, Motion Activated Live Stream, (Keyless Entry, Easy Install), Single Lock Set
  • ALWAYS KNOW WHO'S AT THE DOOR. Gate's motion-activated camera streams real-time, high-resolution video to your smartphone so you know who your visitors are at all times.
  • MANAGE ACCESS REMOTELY. With the Gate App for iOS and Android, you can control access to your door from wherever you are.
  • CREATE INDIVIDUAL PASSCODES. That way friends, family, housecleaners, dog walkers, babysitters, or other people you trust can come and go without a key.
  • GATE APP ALERTS. The Gate Smart Lock always keeps you in the know. Receive messages to your smartphone whenever the doorbell or keypad is used. You can also greet visitors from your phone using two-way audio.
  • EASY INSTALLATION. With simple instructions, you can install the Gate deadbolt lock in just a few minutes--no drilling or wiring necessary.

Only one company called Gate made a WiFi door lock with video camera currently.

This company combined the WiFi lock and security camera and made this all-in-one smart home device.

Besides the WiFi connection, Gate also added the battery to the electric lock with camera so that you don’t need to run any wire for it.

That’s so-called 100% wire-free gate lock with camera. Both power and data transmission ways are all wire-free.

This all-in-one front door lock with camera is equipped with a motion sensor so that you can get app push notifications when there are motion events.

The motion-triggered videos will be recorded to the Gate Cloud for your later playback.

Thus, you’ll never miss anything important.

Gate smart lock offers 3 ways for you to open your door: mechanical keys, keypad and remote unlock with your smartphone.

You can create the password for your visitors to let them open your door even you are in the office.

Your guests don’t need to wait for you at your front porch any more.

When you receive a notification from your keyless door lock with camera, you can tap on the app on your mobile phone and talk to the visitor in real time.

You can watch the video below to learn more details about this automatic door lock with camera.

Gate Smart Deadbolt Lock with Camera and Keypad Features Overview

• 100% Wire-Free & Battery Powered
• Multiple Ways to Unlock Your Door
• High-Quality Two-Way Audio
• Intelligent Motion Detection Alerts
• Motion-Triggered Cloud Video Recording
• Super Easy Installation, No Drilling & Wiring
• Keyless Entry Even Without Mechanical Keys

#2. Pros and Cons of Gate WiFi Front Door Lock with Video Camera and Remote Control

As the world’s first and best smart lock with a camera, Gate padlock camera has the following main pros and cons:

Pros of Gate Digital Door Lock with Camera:

• Remotely control on your door wherever you are
• Talk to the visitor in real time with your mobile phone
• Give the temporary code for your visitors to let them in
• Record important motion events

Cons of Gate Keypad Lock with Camera:

• Only supports WiFi remote control
• WiFi connection would be easily hacked by vicious people
• WiFi connection would be interfered by other wireless devices

#3. Smart Door Locks with Video Doorbell Cameras: What to Expect in the Future

Based on the current technology being used on the electronic lock with camera, and the blossoming tech on smart home devices, we may expect to see that there will be more locks with cameras to be launched soon.

Below is our team’s prediction and expectation:

1. There will be more technology used in door locks with a security camera, including Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and Zigbee, etc.

2. Advanced AI face recognition and fingerprint may be adopted in mobile locks with camera.

3. Smart locks with camera will be compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit.

You can control your main gate lock with camera via your voice, completely in a hands-free way!

4. 4G and 5G LTE connection would be a new trend in smart locks with cameras.

Thus, even your home is without Internet access, you can still access the lock for live streaming, and lock or unlock your door remotely.

5. Solar power would be added to the home door locks with camera, so that you don’t need to charge the battery anymore.
Simply connect the keyless smart lock with camera to the solar panel, and just forget it!

Nowadays, smart lock top players, including Gate, August, Panasonic, Yale, Kwikset, etc. are now innovating their way to make much easier and more connected products to enhance home security.

Let’s see what’ll happen tomorrow.

To be continued…

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