Solar Powered Doorbell Buying Guide: Top 4 Points You Need to Focus On

Solar-powered doorbells can help you to keep a tab on your front door even power outlets are inaccessible.

You don’t need to take the smart doorbell from the wall to charge the battery or run power cables for the doorbell.

Just connect the doorbell to the solar panel, and just forget it!

In this article, you’ll check to get insiders’ guide to make your best choices on solar powered wireless doorbells, as well as deep insights on this eco-friendly doorbell type.

Table of Contents:

#1. What Are Solar Powered Doorbells

#2. Solar Powered Doorbell Best Picks

#3. Helpful Tips on Doorbell Placements

#4. Hottest FAQs on Solar-Powered Doorbells

#1. What Are Solar Powered Doorbells

Solar powered doorbells are an advanced doorbell type that uses solar power to get electricity to work, so you don’t need to plug the doorbell into a power outlet.

The solar panel will absorb solar power and then convert it into the power supply to provide electricity to the doorbell, which is super green and eco-friendly. The panel can charge the doorbell even on a cold or rainy day.

Normally, solar panel doorbells would sell as bundles: the doorbell and the solar panel (sometimes you can enjoy discounts when purchasing the doorbell in bundles!), which saves your time on buying extra solar panels.

#2. Best Solar Powered Doorbell Options for You (Updated in 2021)

You’ll get 3 types of solar panel wireless doorbells below, including the non-smart and smart types, which can fit your budget greatly!

1. Ring Smart Video Doorbell 3 Camera Plus the Solar Charger

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The latest Ring Video Doorbell 3 is battery powered, the doorbell has improved its wifi connectivity and motion connection compared to former generations.

Most importantly, you can add the exclusive Ring Solar panel charger to make the smart doorbell solar powered. To make the charging process more efficient, you need to place your ring device in be in direct sunlight so that the solar charger can make the most of solar power.

Thus, you don’t need to charge the smart doorbell camera on a daily basis. No worries about the power drain.

With such a smart solar video doorbell, you can get live streaming whenever you need, and upload the videos to the cloud when there are motion events.

Bump: Some companies also make solar panels that work with Ring Video Doorbell. You can click here to get another solar panel option.

2. QNIGLO Solar Powered Wireless Intercom Doorbells

QNIGLO Solar Powered Wireless Intercom Doorbells

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If you are looking for something that is more budget-friendly, then this Qniglo solar doorbell is a good choice to go for.

Although this is not a solar video doorbell,  it still provides reliable two way talk functions with its built-in microphone and speaker.

It comes with a 2500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the solar panel can charge the wireless doorbell during the day. Or, you can charge the doorbell with a USB cable as well.

According to the seller, the battery can work for up to 6 months when it is fully charged. And you can place the doorbell outdoor to charge the battery with the solar panel quickly. Don’t worry, the product is weatherproof and able to handle bad weather conditions.

3. Aisuo Solar Powered Wireless Doorbell Kit

Aisuo solar power wireless doorbell kit comes with a transmitter for visitors to press the button, and an indoor receiver to notify you.

The transmitter is charged by solar energy, so you don’t need to worry about out of charge.

If you don’t want to be disturbed by the “Ding-Dong” voice of the doorbell receiver, you can simply adjust the receiver into the silent mode.

The indicator LED of the doorbell receiver will blink when someone presses the button, so you can still get notifications even the receiver is in the silent mode.

#3. Top Helpful Tips to Install Solar Panel for Your Doorbell

With the proper placement, you can make the most out of the solar panel, such as charging the doorbell much faster, or avoiding your solar panel from being stolen, etc.

Tip 1. Make sure the solar panel can receive the direct sunlight.

Tip 2. Use the screws to mount the solar panel firmly to the wall or brick.

Tip 3. Use the waterproof cover to protect the interface between the doorbell and the solar panel.

After you’ve installed the solar panel for your doorbell, remember to clean it regularly, like once or twice per month, to keep it clean for more efficient power supply.

#4. Hottest Questions You May Have About Solar Powered Doorbells

We have listed several hottest questions you may encounter when using solar panel doorbells. You can find the quick answers below.

If you have other questions, please leave them in the comment below. We will add your questions to this list!

Q 1. Ring Solar Panel Not Charging

Solar charger for Ring doorbell doesn’t seem to be working well!

If you encounter Ring Solar Panel issue, you can try the below troubleshooting tips to fix it.

Tip 1. Make sure the solar panel faces the sunlight directly.

Tip 2. Use the USB cable to fully charge the doorbell and then connect to the solar panel to see if it works.

Tip 3. Check the local temperature, since the exclusive Ring Solar Panel might not work in temperatures below 36F.

Tip 4. Use another solar panel to see if it can charge the Ring doorbell.

Q 2. Does Ring Solar Panel Need Direct Sunlight

Well, the Ring Solar Panel may not need the direct sunlight to charge the doorbell.

Once the solar panel is able to “touch” the sunlight, the solar panel will absorb the sunlight and convert the natural energy to electricity for the doorbell.

For the most efficient charging, the direct sunlight enables the solar panel to charge the doorbell much faster.

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