Smart Wireless Video Doorbells Newbie Buying Guide 2020

Getting the best wireless video doorbells from tons of options among the market would be a difficult task.

So here we gather the most frequently asked questions about WiFi video doorbell from readers and OPs, and write down this comprehensive buying guide.

Buy Smart Wireless Video Doorbells: A 5-Point Checklist

With the newest guide here, you’ll see what features should top your checklist when buying the best smart WiFi video doorbells.

(We will keep this updated so that you can enjoy the latest resources on wireless video doorbells.)



1. Wireless Video Doorbells with Two-Way Intercom

WiFi-enabled video doorbell systems with intercom enable you to talk to the visitors without opening the door.

For example, you can talk to the visitors via your phone to make sure the visitors are your friends, which will free you from unnecessary troubles, such as salesmen, robbers, intruders, etc.

One of the most excellent features you may like is that you can ask the delivery man to put your packages somewhere hidden, instead of just leaving them on the front porch.

Now it’s a holiday sales season, and that’s packages’ favorite time. If the package thief approaches your front door, aiming to steal your gifts, you can scare off them with the two-way audio.


2. Battery Power

Battery operated WiFi video doorbells free your worry about wires being cut by the thieves.

Thieves cannot temper your smart doorbells simply by cutting off the wires.

The biggest advantages of smart home wireless video doorbell with battery is the easy setup and installation. You can just simply install your doorbell via attaching to the wall. 5 minutes is totally enough!

BTW, you can remove or re-install the battery powered video doorbell easily when you move to another home.

Most wireless video doorbells come with an internal battery or removable battery.

In terms of wireless video phone doorbells with a removable battery, you can just remove the battery from the doorbell, without taking down the whole device, like Ring video doorbell 2.

If you opt to a WiFi smart home video doorbell, you need to take down the whole doorbell from your door to charge it before it runs out of power, like Ring video doorbell.


3. Smart WiFi Video Doorbells with High Definition

HD WiFi video doorbells can offer you super crystal images and clear evidence (in unusual situations).

For example, when your home is broken into by a thief, you can keep the clear videos or images as evidence. Police can catch the intruder with the highest chances with clear evidence in hand.

When someone visits your home, you can see who and what is waiting outside clearly. So you can open the door after you’ve confirmed he or she is your acquaintance.


4. Smart Home Wireless Video Doorbells with Motion Detection


With motion detection alerts, you can get real-time app push notifications with your wireless audio video doorbells, when some approach your front door.

For example, if something unusual happens, you’ll get instant alerts. And then you can see who and what triggered the alerts and decide how to act.

If it’s a thief, you can shout at him or her with the intercom. The thief will be scared away!

If it’s just a delivery man, you can ask him to put your package somewhere safe to prevent your packages from being stolen by the package pirates.


5. Strong WiFi Signal

WiFi video doorbells need to come with strong WiFi signal or you cannot get smooth live streaming, or blur recorded videos or images.

Take Ring video doorbell 2 as an example. This smart doorbell operates over 2.4 GHz band frequency — the most popular WiFi band in the market right now, since it can provide longer connection distance compared with other frequencies.

Some smart doorbells even come with dual band WiFi (2.4/5 GHz)  so that you can pick whichever band frequency based on the WiFi connection speed.

Christmas is coming soon, and thieves are now ready to start wriggling. That’s why you’ll need a smart doorbell to keep those thieves at bay. Based on the statistics from Los Angeles and Newark Police Departments, communities with smart doorbells like Ring, Nest, Skybell, etc. are less likely to be targeted by burglaries.

If you haven’t got a smart doorbells for your Christmas yet, now it’s the right time. You can start to pick a WiFi-enabled video doorbell with this buying guide here!

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