Wireless Portable Doorbells: Best Sellers in 2020 & Buyers’ Guide

Out-of-the-box wireless portable doorbells are the easiest doorbell type that is dead simple to install, configure and re-locate.

You don’t need to run messy wires or drill holes when mounting the portable doorbell to your front door.

What are the best wireless portable doorbells for sale in the market now? What features you’ll need to consider when buying the doorbells?

You’ll get the answers to the above questions here.

Get to the Point:

#1. Best Wireless Portable Doorbell Recommendations

#2. Top 5 Features for WiFi Portable Doorbell Purchase

#1. Best Wireless Portable Doorbells & Sets for You

You’ll get traditional cordless portable doorbell sets here, as well as smart portable video doorbell camera picks.

All of them are super easy to mount and remove. You can take the doorbells wherever you go!

1. Honeywell Wireless Portable Doorbell & Push Button Set

Honeywell RDWL917AX2000/E Series 9 portable doorbell kit is battery powered, so you can install the doorbell without wiring.

The doorbell receiver is super easy to install. You can simply put it on your table, shelf and other smooth surfaces, or attach it to the wall with the included wall mount.

This portable wireless flashing doorbell will send you assignable halo and strobe alerts when someone presses the button.

And this portable doorbell with halo light is also suitable for deaf people.

2. Ring Portable Battery Operated Wire-Free Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell 2 comes with a removable battery, which enables you to install the smart doorbell no cables.

A fully-charged battery can last up to 6 months so you don’t need to charge the battery frequently.

You’ll get app push notifications when someone presses the doorbell or there are motion events.

If you add a Ring portable wireless doorbell chime, you’ll also get “Ding-Dong” voice alerts when someone presses the doorbell.

You can watch the video below to learn more smart features about this portable WiFi doorbell.

3. SadoTech Wireless Portable Doorbell

Plug-and-play SadoTech Model C wireless plug in doorbell can be easily installed and removed.

Simply plug the doorbell receiver to the outlet and then stick the transmitter to your front door with the double-sided stickers, no wires and no drilling.

Your home décor remains perfect.

If you move to another house, you can simply unplug the receiver from the outlet and remove the transmitter from the front door, and take them to your new home.

#2. How to Choose Best Portable Wireless Doorbell: Top 5 Points


1. Buy a 100% Wire-Free Portable Doorbell

As you can see, we stress “100% wire-free” in the title.


Because in some circumstances, “wireless” is NOT equal to “wire-free”.

“wireless” may only refer to the video or audio transmission between your doorbell and your router (for smart wireless doorbell type), or the connection way between the doorbell receiver and the transmitter (for traditional wireless doorbell type).

So always confirm that the portable doorbell is battery operated and completely wireless from the top to bottom.

2. Get an Easy-to-Setup Portable WiFi Doorbell

If you opt to traditional portable plug in wireless doorbell, make sure it can be mounted without any difficulty.

For example, those plug in wireless doorbell receivers only need to be inserted to a standard power outlet to work, and the included doorbell transmitters can be attached to the wall of your front door with double-side adhesive tapes.

So you don’t need to drill holes or run any wires.

In terms of the battery operated doorbell type, you don’t need to run power cables.

However, in order to protect your smart doorbell from being stolen, it would be better to drill holes to mount the doorbell to the wall firmly.

A simple smart doorbell should be easy to set up in both hardware and software part.

While the doorbell itself is easy to install, the software part is also vital in a wireless portable doorbell.

You can check if the app or client for configuring the doorbell is intuitive, and see whether the user interface is easy to understand.

For example, you can access the doorbell for live streaming by a tap on the app without multiple steps.

3. Purchase Long-Range WiFi Portable Doorbells

If the doorbell receiver and transmitter can communicate with each other in a distance like 500ft or even 1,000ft, you can hear the doorbell ring even you are in a basement or in the kitchen without missing package delivery, or visiting guests.

If your smart WiFi doorbell can connect to your home router in a long range, you can still access your doorbell even the doorbell is positioned far away from the router.

You won’t miss the push notifications when there are any motion events.

4. Choose a Wireless Portable Doorbell with Night Vision

If you opt to a smart video doorbell type, always get one with night vision.

Indeed, most home break-ins happen in daytime (according to FBI, about 65% of home burglaries happen between 6am to 6pm).

But the home burglaries happen at night end up much more dangerous.

Don’t overlook your home security at night time.

A wireless portable video doorbell with night vision enables you to see who and what hang out near your property with your smartphone even in complete darkness.

If there are any motion events detected by the night vision doorbell, it will also store the videos to the SD card or the cloud for your later playback.

5. Pick a Waterproof Portable WiFi Doorbell

Get a wireless waterproof doorbell since you’ll need to install the whole smart doorbell or the transmitter outdoors.

Weatherproof doorbells can stand firmly even in a rainy or shiny day. The device can still function perfectly without worrying about the snow or sunshine.

Check the specifications of the doorbell to confirm it’s suitable for outdoor use, or read customers’ feedbacks in this part.

You can even Google wireless potable doorbell reviews to see how the authorized editors rate the waterproof ability.

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