Face Recognition Doorbells: Is It the Right Time to Buy Now

Face recognition or AI has been an buzzword in 2019, especially after the CES.

Face recognition doorbells can tell the differences between human and pets, and provide you the most accurate alerts so that you only need to respond to important events.

Many smart home companies release such advanced face recognition doorbells this year, aiming to provide much more innovative home security solutions.

But what exactly face recognition doorbells are? How do they work? Should you invest in a rather new smart doorbell right now?

Here you’ll get all the answers.


#1. What Are Face Recognition Doorbells & How They Work

#2. Benefits of Face Recognition Doorbell

#3. Video Facial Recognition Doorbells Cons

#1. What Are Facial Recognition Doorbells and How They Work

Smart doorbells with face recognition are a type of AI doorbells that can scan a human’s face and match the face data to see if the person is your friend/family, or a stranger, and then send you the accurate alerts.

Below are the details on how videos doorbells with face recognition work:

1. Build up Your Face Library


To let you face recognition doorbell cameras detect human faces, you need to add familiar faces to the data face.

When your smart doorbell detects a stranger or an unfamiliar face, it will send you alerts to ask you if you know this person.

You can log into your doorbell account to click “Yes” if you know this person.

A much faster way is that you ask you family or friends to stand in front of the doorbell, so that you can add your familiar people to the library.

2. Facial Recognition Doorbells Will Scan the Face and Match Your Library


When a person approaches your front door, your AI smart doorbell will detect the face and match with the data to see if this guy is your family or friends.

Face recognition doorbells use advanced algorithms, including 3D modeling, face comparison and analysis, to recognize if the face matches the database or not.

3. You Will Receive Specific Alerts When Strangers Show Up


Your smart video doorbells with face recognition will compare the person’s face with the one in your database.

When your video doorbell recognize the person is unfamiliar, it will send you instant app push notifications so that you can click the app to see who is it and decide what to act.

AI face recognition wireless and wired doorbells will be the next-generation doorbells in the future, because of the below advantages:

#2. Advantages of Face Recognition Video Doorbells

You’ll get 2 unique benefits that distinguish smart doorbells with face recognition doorbells from its counterparts.

Pro 1. Face Recognition Doorbells Offer You the Most Accurate Alerts

Your doorbell with face recognition can recognize if there is a human or a pet hanging out your front door, so you won’t be bothered when your pet is playing on your front porch.

Facial recognition doorbell, like the Nest Hello, can recognize it’s a real human approaching your property and will scan the face immediately and then match the database.

When it’s a stranger, you will get instant alerts, so you can only reply to

Pro 2. Video Doorbells with Face Recognition Will Provide Higher Security Level

Unlike traditional smart video doorbells, this type of doorbells can alert you when unfamiliar people or unwanted visitors approach your property.

You can get real-time push notifications before they break into your home.

When you place a face recognition doorbell on your front door, you can get a smart guard like a real safeguard to watch out for your home, and notify if it’s your acquaintances or strangers.

Indeed, face recognition doorbells bring you a brand-new and innovative security solution.


They also have some drawbacks.

#3. Cons of Face Recognition Wired and WiFi Doorbells

Here you list 2 main concerns you may have when you wanna buy face recognition doorbells.

1. Pricing Concerns

In the market right now, traditional PIR motion sensor doorbells are still in the dominant position since they have been extremely mature and, much more affordable.

Face recognition doorbells, on the other hand, would be costly due to its advanced technology, and other smart features.

2. Privacy Concerns

Collecting people’s faces would be an invasion of privacy.

People may feel like they are being watched everywhere or under surveillance when passing other people’s homes.

And people have the rights to get their deserving privacy rights. People’s faces will be collected without awareness, and their images may get leaked unknowingly.

So should you buy the face recognition right now?

As long as you won’t invade other people’s privacy, it’s OK to get them right now.

But if budget and privacy concerns hold you back. You can try the existing traditional smart video doorbells.

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