Top 5 Reasons to Choose and Buy Smart Doorbells (With Recommendations and Videos)

What functionality could a smart doorbell provide over a normal doorbell?

What are some of the characteristics of a smart doorbell?

If you are held back by the above questions when deciding if you should buy a smart doorbell, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’ll get deep insights on smart video doorbells, and benefits of using them, and top recommendations.

Content Summary:

  1. Smart Doorbell Deep Insights Overview
  2. Reasons to Choose Smart Home Doorbell
  3. Best Smart Doorbells 2020 (Reviews & Videos)


1. What Is a Smart Doorbell

Today when we say a device is smart, that typically would mean this device is connected to the Internet, and can be accessed via network.

Take your smartphone as a typical example. Your phone is connected to WiFi or can go online with the SIM card. So your phone is a “smart” phone instead of just a talkie walkie.

Same stuff goes with a smart doorbell.

A smart home wireless or wired doorbell is connected to the Internet, and it can send you real-time notifications when the visitor presses the doorbell, or when the doorbell senses the motion event with the built-in sensor.

You can check who and what is waiting at your front door via your smartphone after receiving the app push notifications, and can even talk to the visitor with the two-way intercom.

In short, “smart” means the doorbell can activated automatically and send you notifications without answering the door by yourself like a normal doorbell.

Now more and more people opt to smart home device doorbells for their invincible benefits and multiple hard-to-beat features.

So are smart doorbells worth it?

Check all the details in the next part.


2. Top Reasons  to Buy Smart Video Doorbells

The reason to install a smart wireless or wired video doorbell for your front door and back door typically include:


Reason 1. Smart Home Doorbells Are an Effective Burglar Deterrent

Smart video doorbells are effective in preventing home break-ins, package theft, etc.

Based on the statistics, about 83% of burglars would first check if a home has a smart device before they break into the house. And 60% of the them would typically avoid homes with a smart device like a video doorbell.


Reason 2. You Can Confirm Package Delivery Easily

Christmas is coming soon, and you may have ordered a lot of gifts for your family. With a smart doorbell installed in your front porch, you can confirm your packages are delivered to your home, or ask the delivery men to leave the package in somewhere hidden that can’t be found by the package pirates.


Reason 3. See & Talk to the Visitor Without Opening the Door

Smart video doorbells enable you to check who and what is outside your home via your smartphone, tablet and PC without opening the door.

For example, when the visitor approaches your front door, you will receive the instant app push notifications. And then you can click the app to see who is waiting outside.

If you notice that it’s a sales man or a stranger, you can ask him or her to leave at once with the two-way intercom in the smart home wired or wireless video doorbells.

If it’s a your friend visiting your home, you can say “Hello” to him or her before opening the door.


Reason 4. Work with Other Smart Devices

Many smart doorbells can work with third party devices, such as Apple Homekit, Alexa, smart lock, etc.

For example, after you’ve installed both smart home wireless or wired doorbell and a smart lock, you can open the door via your smartphone without getting up from your sofa to open the door.


Reason 5. Smart Home Video Doorbells Are Easy to Install and Relocate

Unlike a normal doorbell that is designed for fixed installation, hardwired and WiFi smart doorbells with /without cameras are super easy to install and re-position.

It takes only about 5 minutes to install a smart doorbell, and then you can make your front door “smart” as like a security guard is protecting your home 24/7.

If you move to another house, you can take your smart doorbell wherever you go!

Now you see why smart doorbells have become a heated trend in the smart home field.

As I wandered on some forums, like Quora, Reddit, ect. I often saw some question like, “What are the best smart doorbells in UK, Australia, US, etc.?”

So I decided to write down the smart home doorbells that are rated as high-quality and favorable.


3. Best Smart Home Video Doorbells 2018 & 2020

There are wide range smart doorbells in the market now, including expensive and cheap ones with a lot of brands.

Our team has done a detailed research and listed 4 smart home doorbells for your choice. You can check the pros and cons of each smart doorbells respectively in the below chart.



Smart Doorbell BrandProsCons

Ring wireless video doorbell

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1. Two-Way Audio

2. Work with Alexa and other third-party devices

3. Cloud storage

4. Motion detection alerts

5. Favorable

Lower image quality

SkyBell video doorbell

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1. On-demand video

2. Work with Nest and third-party device

3. Motion detection

Challenge to install

Vivint smart doorbell camera

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1. Two-way audio

2. On-demand videos

3. Motion detection

Only works with Vivint smart home monitoring system

August smart doorbell camera

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1. On-demand video

2. Video recording

3. Two-way audio

Functions and compatibility features are quite slow to get update.


Here we take Ring smart wireless doorbell as an example so that you can see how it works.

We will run a smart doorbell comparison and reviews soon! Don’t forget to follow up our blog to get the newest resource on smart doorbells.

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