Your 2020’s Newest Guide to Buy 1440p Smart Doorbells

1440p smart doorbells are currently the most clear doorbell type in the market now.

1440p video doorbells can provide you with more crystal-clear images and wider coverage compared with 720p and 1080p counterparts.

So 1440p HD doorbells will become the new trend in smart doorbell field.

Here you’ll get a complete explanation about 1440p doorbells, the comparison details on 1440p VS 1080p VS 720p doorbells, and the best pick.

#1. Introduction to 1440p Doorbells

#2. 1440p VS 1080p VS 720p Doorbells

#3. Check 1440p Video Doorbell Best Pick

#1. What Are 1440p Smart Doorbells

A 1440p smart doorbell means that it has a vertical resolution of 1440.

1440p wired and wireless doorbells are currently almost the highest resolution in the market, enabling you to get the high-performance videos.

If you opt to 1440p video doorbells, you’ll get 33% more pixels than 1080p Full HD doorbells. So you can identify people’s faces extremely clearly.

For example, if someone breaks into your home, your 1440p doorbell will capture the invader’s face clearly. So you can hand over the evidence to the police so that the police can help you catch the bad guy in a higher chance.

According to the police, videos that captured by video doorbells or security cameras are really helpful to address the crimes.

That’s why you need to upgrade your video doorbell to the highest definition so that you won’t miss a single detailed.

#2. 1440p VS 1080p VS 720p Video Doorbells

1440p, 1080p and 720p doorbells are 3 most smart video doorbells in the market now.

1080p and 720p doorbells are with a 1080p and 720 vertical definition respectively. The 2 types of doorbells are still playing an important part in the smart home field, since 1440p type is just blossoming.

1440p VS 1080p doorbells: 1440p video doorbells can provide 33% pixels than 1080p Full HD doorbells, offering much clearer images and wider viewing angle.

1440p VS 720p smart doorbells: 1440p doorbells can have 3 times of pixels than 720p doorbells, so 1440p high definition doorbells can captured much more detailed videos than the 720p type.

#3. 1440p Video Doorbell Top Pick: August View Wire-Free Smart Doorbell

August View 1440p wire-free doorbell is perhaps the most advanced doorbell in the market now.

With best-in-class sensor, this doorbell can provide 1440p high definition images. So you can see who and what outside your front door extremely clearly.

You will enjoy free 5-second clips of motion-triggered events.

This doorbell comes with a wireless chime, so you can get “Ding-Dong” notification at home, when someone presses your doorbell.

You can watch the video below to get more details about August View doorbell.

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