Wired VS Wireless Doorbell: Pros, Cons + Top 3 Picks

Wired vs wireless video doorbell, which one should I choose?

You can find out the detailed answer to this question here!

We’ll walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of wired and wireless smart doorbells, so that you can get the best one ASAP.

#1. What Are Wired Video Doorbell: Meaning, Pros and Cons

#2. Details About Wireless Doorbell: Definition, Pros and Cons

#3. Wired Vs Wireless Doorbell: Which One to Go (with Top Picks)

#1. Wired Video Doorbells: Types, Pros & Cons


Wired doorbells typically include 2 main types: hardwired and PoE types.

Hardwired video doorbells, like the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, need to be plugged into a power outlet to get power supply. They also need to connect to your home WiFi to function.

Editor’s Note: If you classify video doorbell types based on the video and data transmission ways, the hardwired types can be marked as the wireless type, since they depend on WiFi to send you motion-triggered notifications, transmit the video streaming to you.

PoE video doorbells, like the Ring Video Doorbell Elite, rely on Cat 5/6 Ethernet cables to realize both power and Internet transmission.

In other words, you just need an Ethernet wire to connect the PoE doorbell to your router directly. If your router doesn’t support PoE, a PoE injector is helpful.

Bump: If you are interested in getting more details about this type of smart doorbells, you can read this post to get more details about PoE doorbells.

Wired Smart Video Doorbells: Pros and Cons

• Much more stable Internet connection
• Less inference from other Internet-connected devices
• Less hackable

• Much more difficult to install and harder to re-locate
• Need to drill holes to run wires

#2. Wireless Smart Doorbells: Types, Advantages and Disadvantages


Nowadays most wireless video doorbells use battery to provide power supply for the doorbells to work.

Battery operated doorbells are either powered by rechargeable battery or solar panel. They also need to connect to WiFi to send you data.

Wireless Battery Operated Doorbell Advantages and Disadvantages

• Easy to install and re-locate
• Fit your home décor perfectly
• Much more portable

• Less stable Internet signal
• Will be interfered by other Internet devices that run on the same WiFi band
• Might prone to be hacked

After checking the pros and cons of wired and wireless doorbells, which one is better?

Jump to the next part to get your answers.

#3. Wired VS Wireless Doorbells: Which One to Choose

It doesn’t necessarily say that wired video doorbells 100% win the wireless type, and vice versa.

Each video doorbell type has its own specific pros and cons. Just pick the best one based on your own needs.

You can check the below handful of golden rules to pick your smart doorbells.

Pick Wired PoE doorbells if you are in the same situation:

1. You want the most stable Internet connection.
2. You worry about the hackers will break into your doorbell over WiFi.
3. You worry about other Internet-connected devices will slow down your Internet speed of your doorbell.

Pick Wireless video doorbells if you are in the same shoes as the following cases:

1. You don’t want messy wires or too many drilling holes.
2. Your landlord doesn’t let you drill obvious holes to run wires when you live in a rented apartment.
3. You want a much more portable video doorbell.
4. Your current installation position has no power supply.

You can also check the below wired and wireless video doorbell top picks that are quite popular among customers.

Top Pick 1. Ring Doorbell 2 Wireless Battery Operated Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell 2 is powered by a removable rechargeable battery, so you don’t need to take off the whole device to charge the doorbell.

Just remove the battery from the bottom of the doorbell and then charge the battery itself.

The 1080p Full HD and infrared night vision enable you to get clear videos both day and night.

This wireless video doorbell also works with Alexa to send signals to Echo devices when your doorbell is pressed or when there are motion events.

You can watch the below video to see the clear images of this battery powered doorbell (shared by a customer).


Top Pick 2. SkyBell HD Silver WiFi Video Doorbell

The SkyBell wireless video doorbell is rated by CNET as one of the best video doorbells in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Great news is that you can enjoy 7 days free cloud storage, so you don’t need to pay monthly fees for video storage for later playback.

Check the below video to see how this doorbell can catch a thief clearly with its outstanding 1080p Full HD.


Top Pick 3. Ring Elite Wired PoE Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell Elite is almost the most popular PoE in the market.

One of the outstanding features of this doorbell is that it supports both WiFi and PoE connection.

If your home router doesn’t have PoE port, you can use the Elite as a WiFi doorbell. Plug it into the power outlet, and configure it to connect to your home WiFi.

You can watch the video sample of the Ring Video Doorbell Elite to see how 1080p Full HD will look like (shared by a customer).

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  • November 9, 2020 at 6:39 pm

    Thank you out of all the information I have read today this is the best as far as understanding for
    someone who is older and not tech savy. I have the Ring Doorbell Elite which was supposed to be
    installed today. The electrician is trying to talk me into the battery model which is easier to install.
    I think I want to stay with this one that I have just purchased.


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