Buy Best Doorbells for Your Office? Start from Here

Buying a doorbell for your office enables you to get real-time notifications when your visitor presses the doorbell.

For example, when you and your colleagues are having a meeting in the conference room, and the delivery man delivers your or your company’s packages, you’ll get the “Ding Dong” voice alerts, or even app push notifications with the smart video doorbell.

But wait.

Improper video doorbell installation in your office may lead to privacy invasion. So you should check the details about the legality on video surveillance first before your purchase.

Besides, we will provide a buying guide, as well as top picks, to help you get the best doorbells for your office or business ASAP.


#1. Legality on Office Video Doorbell Installation

#2. Complete Buying Guide to Doorbells for Office

#3. Best Doorbell Recommendations for Your Office

#1. Is It Legal to Install Smart Video Doorbells for Office

If you want to install a video doorbell camera for your office door, make sure the doorbell would not impact the employees’ privacy.

You can put up the doorbell camera for office use on public areas, such as the hallway, entrance, etc.

It’s necessary to inform your co-workers before you install the doorbell camera.

Also remember to delete the videos regularly to avoid invading your colleagues’ privacy. Only back up the important footage before the videos get overwritten.

If you install video doorbells with intercom, please don’t record the conversation of your office partners, since laws have strict legislation on audio recording.

#2. Complete Guide to Buy Doorbells for Your Office or Business


When you are about to decide which doorbell is suitable for your worksite, you can try the below “golden rules” to buy the best one extremely fast.

Golden Rule 1. Opt to Wireless Doorbell Systems for Office

Compared with wired doorbell type, wireless doorbells are much easier to install and remove.

Further Reading: You can get more details on wired vs wireless doorbells here.

You can easily take the wireless doorbells with you when you want to move your office to another location.

Besides, you don’t need to run messy wires to install the WiFi doorbells. Thus, your office can keep perfectly as it should be.

Golden Rule 2. Buy Doorbells with Intercom for Your Office If You Want Real-Time Conversation

When your cooperation partners visit your office, you can get instant app notifications when they approach your office front door.

You can use the built-in microphone and speaker to talk to your visitors with a tap on your phone. That’s one of the most important reasons why you should opt to video doorbells with bi-directional talk.

If you also install a smart lock for your office front door, you can even unlock your door for your visitors via your mobile phone once you receive the notifications from your video doorbell.

Golden Rule 3. Purchase Your Office Doorbell from Reputable Brands

Equipped with the most advanced technology, reputable doorbell companies normally would provide many high-quality doorbells, since they are much experienced in this field.

You can enjoy the best after-sales service and product warranty when you purchase office doorbells from those trustful brands.

Famous doorbell companies like Ring, Nest, etc. provide you with a 1-year product warranty. Besides, you can get a free replacement if your doorbell got stolen.

#3. Best Wireless Doorbells for Your Office (with Videos)

You’ll get top 2 office doorbell recommendations below with free shipping.

The below 2 picks are both from reputable doorbell companies, so you don’t need to worry about the product warranty.

Pick 1. LaView 2K WiFi Doorbell Camera for Your Office


Rated as Amazon’s Choice, LaView video doorbell enables you to talk to your visitors in real time with the high-quality mic and speaker.

With the 180° wide-angle detecting range, you can get a full view of your office door, and get a notification when anyone within the vicinity of your doorbell camera.

This smart video doorbell features its dual-band WiFi. You can switch to whichever WiFi frequency based on the Internet situation.

The WiFi transmission distance can reach up to 150ft.

You can watch the video below to check more smart features about this office doorbell.

Pick 2. Ring Motion Sensor Video Doorbell for Your Office

Ring Video Doorbell 2 is battery operated, so you don’t need to run any wires for it. You can install this doorbell within 5 minutes.

The doorbell comes with a built-in intercom so that you can communicate with anyone via smartphones.

This smart doorbell supports adjustable motion sensitivity and motion zones. You’ll only get notified when someone is within the preset detecting zones.

Please check the below video to check more functions and features of this video doorbell camera.

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