Longest Range Wireless Doorbells: Buying Guide, Top Rated Picks & Pro Tips

Hardwired doorbells need to be inserted to the electrical outlet to get power to work, which only have a transmission range of 100 ft or so.

Long range wireless doorbells, on contrast, can transmit clear signals up to 500ft (for smart doorbell type), or even nearly 3,000ft (for wireless plug-in doorbell type).

Wireless long range remote doorbell systems provide extended operating distance, making them the perfect choice for your large properties, such as your office buildings, driveway, warehouse, farms, barns, or large second homes, etc.

Here we will list 3 most important points when choosing the best and longest range wireless doorbells, top-rated recommendations, as well as effective ways to boost your doorbell connection range.

Table of Contents:

#1. Top 3 Points to Choose Long Range Wireless Doorbells

#2. Best Wireless Long Range Doorbell Recommendations

#3. How to Extend the Transmission Range of Your Doorbells?

#1. Long Range Wireless Doorbell Buying Guide: Top 3 Points to Focus

For helping you buy the best wireless long-range doorbells, you should consider 3 vital points: WiFi range, viewing distance and detecting range.

1. Long Range Wireless Doorbells Should Have Extended WiFi Distance

Long range wireless video doorbells need to connect to your home router to get the Internet to provide real-time live streaming, instant push notifications, cloud storage and other smart features for you.

So you need to get a smart wireless video doorbell that is capable of communicating with your router in a long distance.

Ring video doorbells, the doorbell giant in the market now, run on 2.4 GHz WiFi band, which can operate in a distance between 250ft to 450ft when placed in an outdoor and ideal environment without any blocks.

Please note that walls, bricks, concrete floors and other barriers would degrade the WiFi signal range.

A traditional wireless plug-in doorbell package comes with the outdoor transmitter and the indoor receiver.

The 2 devices communicate with each other via their proprietary WiFi, so they can connect with each other in a super long distance without being interfered by other devices.

But you cannot get live streaming since this type of doorbells doesn’t have a camera.

For example, AVANTEK long range loud wireless doorbell with multiple receivers can function in a distance of 1,300ft, so you can even hear the doorbell receiver ring in your second or third-floor bedroom when someone presses the transmitter.

2. Long Range WiFi Smart Doorbell Can Recognize People’s Face from a Long Distance

In order to help you recognize people’s faces from a long distance, make sure you’ll get a smart WiFi video doorbell with high definition.

For example, 1080p video doorbells can help you recognize people’s faces from 35ft in a tested environment.

Thus you can see who is approaching your home via your smartphone before he or she knocks at your front door.

If you notice it’s a stranger, or a look-like “thief”, you can take precautions before the guy breaks into your home.

3. Wireless Long Range Doorbells Also Mean Detecting Motions from a Long Distance

Please note that detecting range is NOT equal to viewing range.

The detecting range means the distance that your smart video doorbell can sense the motions when someone approaches the monitoring area of your doorbell.

When buying a smart doorbell with long detecting range, get one with a wide angle, so that your doorbell can cover much larger areas.

Based on Ring’s tests, its smart video doorbells can catch motion events within 5ft to 30ft.


When you pick the longest range wireless doorbells, you can just take this 3-point checklist to get the best one within just a 2-minute reading here!

Now you can check some recommendations that get high ratings from customers.

#2. Best Long Range Wireless Doorbells (with Videos)

Here we list 3 top-rated picks of wireless long range doorbells, including traditional plug-in type and smart battery operated doorbell type.

All of them have got high praise from customers and Amazon’s Choice.

1. AVANTEK Long Range Plug in Wireless Doorbell Kit

AVANTEK wireless doorbell kit can function in a WiFi range of 1,300ft.

With IP55 waterproof housing, the heavy rain will not interrupt the operation of the robust doorbell transmitter.

If you want a long range wireless doorbell chime kit with 2 receivers/transmitters, this one would be a good choice, since you can add up to 2 expandable receivers and transmitters based on your specific needs.

You can get more details about this outdoor long range wireless doorbell system in the video below.

2. Wuloo Ultra Long Range Waterproof Wireless Intercom Doorbell Kit

Wuloo extra long range wireless doorbell can operate over 2,600ft, which is perfect for your office, big house, hotels or apartments.

The IPX55 waterproof design enables the outdoor transmitter to brave the rain and shine. Your visitors can press the “Talk” button to get real-time intercom.

You can watch the video below to see how to add extensible transmitters or receivers to cover more rooms in your home.

3. Ring Long Range Smart Wireless Doorbell with Camera

If you are looking for all-weather, battery-operated doorbell with wide range, Ring Video Doorbell 2 would be a good try.

It can see things clearly from a long distance of 35ft, and is able to sense and catch the motions in a maximum range of 30ft.

Its 1080p Full HD and excellent infrared night vision can help you monitor your front door or porch keenly in both day and night.

Whenever there are motion events, you will get instant app push notifications. Your Ring smart doorbell will catch the motion and upload to the cloud for your later playback. You won’t miss any important clips.

You can watch the video sample below to see how clear images the Ring wireless doorbell camera can produce.

You can purchase the above best long range wireless doorbells on Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Bunnings, etc. directly even you live in South Africa, UK, US, NZ, Canada, Australia, India, or other areas.

#3. How to Boost the WiFi Range for Your Wireless Long Range Doorbells

You can try the blow effective tips to boost your WiFi range when using your wireless doorbells:

Tip 1. Add a WiFi extender for your doorbell. For example, if you have a Ring video doorbell, you can add the Ring Chime Pro to boost the WiFi signal.

Thus you can hear the chime ring even in a long distance when someone presses your doorbell.

Tip 2. Add extensive indoor receivers. You can buy more expandable doorbell receivers to install in multiple rooms.

The button or the transmitter can send the signal to the receivers, which can cover more rooms and extend the transmission range, so you can hear the “Ding-Dong” voice where you are.

Tip 3. Try to place your router near your smart WiFi doorbell to get fast and smooth Internet connection.

Tip 4. Remove other wireless devices that might interfere the WiFi transmission of your smart doorbell.

Tip 5. Get an exclusive router for your doorbell.

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