Dog & Cat Doorbell Best Guide: Top 3 Picks & Step-by-Step Training Guide

If you own a dog or cat, you may find that your lovely pet would scratch the door and wall, or whine, when he or she wanna pee or go out/in.

But without your direction, your lovely pet can only sit cross-legged or keep whining until you figure out your dog or cat needs to pee or poo, or wanna go out to play, or come back home.

Luckily, dog & cat doorbells can help you easily know your pet’s intention. So you can guide your pet to the toilet or open the door for your furry friends.

In this complete guide, you’ll get top 3 picks of do and cat doorbells, and learn the step-by-step guide to train your pet to use the doorbell.



#1. Easy DIY Doorbells for Your Dog and Cat: Top 3 Budget Picks

#2. How to Train Your Pet to Use the Doorbell: Step-by-Step Guide


#1. Best DIY Dog and Cat Doorbells: Top 3 Picks

We will list the pros and cons of the pet doorbell here so that you can have a quick impression on the pet doorbells with just several minutes.

If you have any ideas or would love to recommend other dog or cat potty training doorbells, you can leave them in the comment below.

We will do a detailed research and add your recommendations in this list here if it’s suitable!


Top Pick 1. Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell (FREE Shipping)

This DIY dog or cat doorbell or chime can alert you when your pet presses the doorbell. One of the outstanding features of this doorbell is that you don’t need to run any wires to make it work.

Just insert the batteries into the dog doorbell (not included in the package), and mount it to the wall or door, you are good to go!

You can check the pros and cons of the Pebble dog/cat doorbell in the below chart.

Pebble Wireless Smart Dog/Cat Doorbell


100% wire-free and super easy to install

Built-in treat holder fro easy training

Long wireless communication (up to 250ft)

Weatherproof and snow proof

36 selectable tunes

Long battery life


The volume cannot be adjusted.

The adhesive can be improved to make it stronger.

Check More Details on Amazon


You can also watch the below video to see how this dog training doorbell works.


Top Pick 2. BLUETREE Dog Doorbell for Potty Training (Amazon’s Choice)

If you want a budget pick of dog bell for potting training, this one would be the best choice.

This device comes with 8 big extra loud bells so you can hear the voice clearly when your puppy rings the bell.

BLUETREE Easy Dog/Cat Bathroom Training Doorbell


Extremely affordable

Zero installation

Loud Voice


Not a “smart” type dog doorbell

You might miss the ringing if you are too far away from the position of the bell.

Check More Details on Amazon


Top Pick 3. Mighty Paw Smart Doorbell for Dogs and Cats (FREE Shipping)

This clever dog smart doorbell requires no wiring and no battery.

You can simply mount the dog doorbell button (the activator) with the 3M adhesive strip, no drilling holes, and no messy wiring!

After that, you can plug the receiver into the power outlet inside your room. Thus you can hear the “Ding Dong” sound when you are inside your room.


Mighty Paw Smart Outdoor Dog/Cat Doorbell


100% wire-free and zero installation

Customized bell volume and ring tones

Waterproof, suitable for both outdoor and indoor use


The voice would be too loud (even on the lowest setting).

Might be not suitable for small puppy

Check More Details on Amazon


You can check the below video to see how this easy pet training doorbell performs.

You can buy the above dog or cat training doorbells from Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. in UK, Canada, Australia, US, or wherever you are.


#2. How to Train Your Dog to Use the Training Bell: Step-by-Step Guide (with Video)

Training your pet to use the doorbell is quite easy by following the detailed instructions.

Here we take Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell as an example to show you the step-by-step guide on how to train your pet to use the smart doorbell.



Step 1. Prepare some of your dog’s favorite food, such as peanut.


Step 2. Put the peanuts into the treat space behind the yellow disc of the doorbell. Don’t forget to put some peanuts in your pocket.


Step 3. Take the yellow disc from the wall and place it in front of your dog (about 2 inches).

When your dog sniffs the yellow disc, reward your pet with a peanut. After that, repeat the same steps for 3 or 5 times.


Step 4. Put the yellow disc back to the mounted housing. Train your dog to sniff the yellow disc by following the above step.


Repeat the training like regularly instead of doing a long training session per day.

You can also watch the below video to see how to train your puppy to use this DIY pet doorbell.

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