5 Easy and Effective Tips to Protect Your Smart Doorbell in Every Way

Assume you’ve got your fancy Ring, Nest or August smart doorbell, and you’ve put it on your front door to watch out for your home.

You may worry about if your smart doorbell would be damaged by the rain or shine, or if it will get stolen by the thieves.

Or even worse, your doorbell got hacked by vicious people.

In order to ease your worries, we will list top 5 questions you may have on doorbell proteciton, and provide handy tips to help you protect your doorbell in all directions.

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The protection plan would cover mechenical and electrical failures during your normal use. In other words, you’ll get your smart doorbells repaired or replaced if your doorbell is “broken” during daily use.

Question 1. How to Protect Your Doorbell from Rain, Sun, Snow and Other Extreme Weather


Normally, you would install your Ring, Nest Hello, SkyBell doorbells on your front door, or the wall of your front porch.

Unfortunately, being exposed to the sun, rain, snow, etc. your smart video doorbell might get “killed” by the extreme weather.

In order to protect your doorbell from natural weather, you can try the below ways.

Way 1. Pick outdoor video doorbells that are rated as weatherproof.

When you are about to buy a smart video doorbell, remember to check its working temperature in the specification part.

Take Ring doorbells as an example. They can work in freezing temperatures -5 to 120˚F (-20 to 50˚C ), so they can work well even in rainy or shiny days.

And another doorbell giant Nest Hello is rated as IPx4 weather-resistant, which is able to brave the hot and cold, even in 5˚F to 104˚F (-15˚C to 40˚C).

Way 2. Dress your doorbell with a protective skin to help protect your doorbell from rain or snow. You can buy these “clothes” for your video doorbells on Amazon.

Remember to check the size of your doorbell before buying the skin. Normally, in the product page, you’ll see if the skin fits your current doorbell or not.

If you wanna buy a skin for your Ring doorbell, you can check the skin here>>

If you have a Nest Hello doorbell, you can try this cover here>>

The skin can help to protect your doorbell from UV light and rain or snow.

If you have a battery operated doorbell, a skin is necessary since battery powered doorbells are more vulnerable.

Question 2. How to Protect Your Video Doorbell from Theft

Many homeowners reported to the police that their Ring, Nest, etc. video doorbells were stolen by thieves.

Also, news websites have reported a lot of similar cases.

So how to protect your doorbell from being stolen? Here are some effective solutions.

Solution 1. Install your doorbell to the stucco, and then use the security screws to make it stick firmly to your front door or the wall.

Solution 2. Hide your doorbell power wires, or your doorbell would be disabled easily by the thief.

Solution 3. Buy a grid box to put your doorbell into the box, and then lock it down. Thus your doorbell would not be stolen easily.

Solution 4. Buy insurance for your doorbells. If your doorbell got stolen, you can still get the compensation from the insurance company.

BTW, if your Ring and Nest doorbell got stolen, you can file a police report. Ring and Nest staff will send you a free replacement.

Question 3. How to Prevent Your Video Doorbell from Spiders, Bugs and Other Insects


Sometimes, spiders would make webs around your doorbell, or bugs will keep hitting your doorbell when the IR lights are on at night, which would lead to frequently false alarms.

You can try the below ways to keep your doorbell from spider webs, bugs, etc.

Way 1. Use non-poison pesticides to keep your doorbell away from insects or fly.

Don’t forget to take aerosol sprays like Permethrin to exterminate bug infestation.

Way 2. Turn off the infrared light at night to prevent your night vision doorbell from being “harassed” by the little insects.

Way 3. Also regularly clean your doorbell with a soft brush, which is helpful to prevent spider webs.

Question 4. How to Prevent Your Smart Doorbell from Being Hacked


You might have heard of Ring or Nest doorbell got hacked by the hackers, such as firmware hack, cloud hack, etc.

So how to secure your doorbells from being hacked? The below tips would come as handy.

Tip 1. Change your doorbell password regularly, and please don’t use the default password. Only share the password with your trustful family and friends.

Tip 2. Update the firmware and software to the latest versions.

Tip 3. Also secure your home router by changing password on a regular basis.

Hackers would hack into your doorbell via WiFi leaking. Your PoE doorbell, and wireless video doorbell both need your home router to function.

Once your router is invaded by hackers, your doorbell will be the next target. That’s why you should make your router as inaccessible as possible.

Tip 4. Back up your important videos or data regularly.

Question 5. How to Keep Your Doorbell from Being Licked

Recently, a piece of news that a man licked doorbell for 3 hours has raised a heated discussion. The doorbell has recorded the whole event!

You can watch the video below.

How gross it is if your doorbell got licked by such weird guys!

Now try the below tips to keep your doorbell from those gross doorbell lickers!

Way 1. Wrap your doorbell with a box.

Way 2. Spout capsicum spray on your doorbell, and stick a note next to the doorbell, and write a note like “The doorbell has been sprayed pungent liquid!”, or “All your actions will be caught in the act!”

If you have other tips to protect your doorbell from any harms, please leave them in the comment below.

Your ideas will get featured here!

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