How to Secure Your Front Door: 7 Easiest Ways to Boost Home Security

According to FBI, every 13 seconds, a home burglary occurs.

And about 34% of home burglaries are through front door.

So your front door security should be your priority.

In order to help you secure your front doors in every way, we’ve summarized the blow top 7 ways. You can also share your own thoughts in the comment below. We will add your insights in the post!

Top 7 Ways to Secure Your Home Front Door from Burglars

Here we list most useful front door home security solutions for you. We will keep updating the ways so that you can get the newest and most comprehensive ways to make your home burglar-proof.

Way 1. Use Smart Video Doorbell

Way 2. Pick a Solid Front Door

Way 3. Get Strong Locks & Plates

Way 4. Try Door Bars and Grilles

Way 5. Install Security Light

Way 6. Get a Barking Dog

Way 7. Take Neighborhood Watch Prog

Way 1. Use Front Door Video Security Doorbell


Wired or wireless video doorbell are one of the best smart devices to prevent your front door from being kicked off.
A front door security product, like a smart doorbell, can act as an effective theft deterrent.

Statistics show that about 83% of burglars would first look for if the property has a smart home alarm system before they break into the house. And 60% of them would avoid homes with smart alert systems and find other easier targets.

Once the thief approaches your front door or porch, your front door smart doorbell with monitor will sense the motion events, and send you the instant alerts so that you can access your smart doorbell to check the motion-triggered events, and decide what to act.

If you see that there is a thief trying to access your property, you can scare him or off via the built-in two-way audio.

Way 2. Install a Hard-Core Front Door to Secure It from Intrusion

A secure and hard-core front door can keep your home from being kicked in by intruders.

If you just purchase your new apartment, please check if the front door is made by solid metal. If not, replace the hollow-core door at once.

One of the most secure and best front doors typically include the follow metals: steel, hardwood and fiberglass.

You can check the blow chart for the pros and cons of the 3 front door security screen doors respectively.

Editor’s Additional Tips: Some OPs left questions like “How to secure front door with glass?” in forums, so we put some extra tips for glass front door security.

If you have a glass front door, you can try the blow effective tips to make your glass door much stronger:

Tip 1. Replace the glass with smash-proof glass type.
Tip 2. Take a dowel rod.
Tip 3. Add a deadbolt.
Tip 4. Add security bars (will provide more details in Way 4).

Way 3. Pick Solid Front Door Security Locks & Plates to Stop Break-Ins


Yes, you’ve got a sturdy front door to protect your house from vandalism. But you’ll still need a secure front door lock to keep it almost impossible to be kicked in by vandals.

There are 3 popular entry door security locks for your choice:

1). Single or double deadbolts are one of the most secure front door locks. It cannot be removed from the open position without rotating the keys.

It would be a nice wooden or metal front door extra security lock for your spring-bolt lock.

2). Mortise locks are also an choice, but it would be much more expensive than deadbolts.

The mortise lock has 2 parts: one part grips the thickness of your front door, and the other part is attached in the doorjamb.

Mortise locks are one of the best front doors for your home security since they can provide an extra security level than a single deadbolt.

The pricing of mortise locks is much higher compared with deadbolts, and this type of locks is typically used for front door high security.

3). Keyless front door security locks: you don’t need to worry about losing your keys with this type of locks. It’s a much more convenient and smarter way to make your door secure from burglars.

Some of vicious people might dig out where you’ve placed your spare key and use it to open your door to steal your valuable stuff.

With a keyless lock, you don’t need to worry about that.

With such a smart front entry door lock, you can give your codes to allow your trustworthy people to access your house when you are not at home.

Don’t forget to change the password regularly, and, for extra security layer, you can even add a front entry door security latch or chain.

Way 4. Use Front Door Security Bars & Grilles

Adding strong bars to your front gate can provide another solid layer of protection for your property.

Below are several simple steps to install a security bar for your single or double front entry door.

Step 1. Measure the distance of the positions for fixing the rings or brackets.
Step 2. Screw 2 rings or brackets to your front door.
Step 3. Put your security bar on the rings or brackets.

You can watch the test video below to see how strong an unlocked door with security bar is.

If there is a window near your front door, you can also put up the security bars for your window to prevent burglars from breaking into your house. Those intruders cannot squeeze the bars to gain access to your home. Thus you can keep those vandals at bay.

Way 5. Install Front Door Security Light


Burglars like to act in the dark, but putting up the security light for your front gate lets them fail to do so.

A motion-sense security light would be the best option for keeping your front door safe from vicious people. The benefits include:

1). The sudden glow of your front door security light would frighten off the burglars.
2). You can get the signal that someone is approaching your house so that you can take precautions.
3). Motion-sensing security lights saves the power energy.

Some advanced security camera lights enable you to monitor your front door with your smartphone, while lighting up your front gate.

Some front entry door security camera floodlights are even solar-powered!

You can access to view your front porch with your mobile phone wherever you are.

Way 6. Get a Barking Dog to Protect Your Front Door from Invasion


Burglars hate attention, so a barking dog is one of the best front door security solutions.

The dog’s barking can scare the thieves off since they don’t want to get caught in the act.

According to the statistics, about 34% of burglars would stop their break-ins if there was a dog.

If you don’t have time to raise a dog, you can try a electronic barking dog. The barking sound can deter some coward invaders to some degree.

Way 7. Adopt a Neighborhood Watch Program for Your Entry Door Security

If your community has already had the neighborhood watch program, join in it at once. If not, you can launch one right now.

You and your neighbors can watch out for each other’s home security. If there is any unusual noise happening to your house, your neighbors can help you take a look at who and what made the noise, and take proper measures at once.

Also, when you are on vacation, your neighbors can help you pick up your mails or newspaper. So you won’t be drown by the great amount of the paper after coming back!

Don’t forget to do the same thing for your neighbors. Thus you’ll get trust friends to secure your front door for your flat.

We would love to hear your security ideas on securing residential front door!

If you got any tips, please share with us in the comment below! We will feature your insights in this post!

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