How to Remove eufy Security Video Doorbell Correctly

Installing the eufy Security video doorbell is easy, so is removing it. If you want to take off a eufy video doorbell for repair or replace an existing eufy doorbell with a new doorbell, we are here to help to remove it quickly and easily.

We are going to help you remove the eufy security doorbell from wall or wood plates in 2 ways. One is for wireless installation and the other is for wired installation. If your eufy doorbell model is powered by doorbell wires instead of batteries, it might take a few seconds longer. But don’t worry, they are both extremely easy.

How to Remove eufy Security Video Doorbell

The eufy doorbell should be installed on a mounting bracket to fix its position, and you cannot easily take it off, which prevents the doorbell from being stolen easily. Luckily, you don’t need any screwdriver to detach the doorbell to recharge. To remove the eufy Security Video Doorbell, you need the detaching pin included in the package.


When installing the eufy security video doorbell, we align the doorbell on top and then snap it on the bottom and press it down into place. To remove it, we do it in the opposite way.

Remove eufy Security Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered)

Insert the detaching in into the hole in the bottom of the doorbell, press and hold it until the doorbell bottom pops off from the mounting bracket, just like how you pop out a SIM card in a phone.


When the bottom part lifts up, we can easily remove the upper part of the eufy doorbell from the bracket. That is how you remove a battery-operated eufy doorbell.

After the doorbell is removed, you can freely unscrew the two screws on the mounting bracket. And the bracket is easily to be taken off from the wall or wood plate easily.

Remove eufy Security Video Doorbell (Wired)

The steps are pretty much the same for the wired version, You insert the detaching pin in the hole in the bottom. When the doorbell is lifted, you remove the doorbell.

But there are two small things that you may need to do also.

For a wired eufy doorbell, you’d better switch off the doorbell circuit first and you need to remove two wires from the terminals on the back of the eufy security video Doorbell after you get it off from the mounting bracket.

Replacement for The Detaching Pin

If you lost the detaching pin or sometimes the pin does not work well, you can find some replacements to help you remove the doorbell better. Always get a rod or pin that is strong, and it better be metal. For example, a mini phone screwdriver can do the job nicely. I don’t recommend you to use things that are easy to bend such as a toothpick or a paperclip. They can snap and be stuck in the hole and you may hurt your fingers accidentally.

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