Video Doorbell with FREE Local Storage Best Guide

Video doorbells with local storage can provide FREE video storage without paying monthly fees for cloud storage.

And you can still use the smart video doorbells with SD card even without WiFi or Internet access.

If you are looking for the best video doorbells with local storage, you’ll get top 3 picks here.

Also, we will include the frequently asked questions about smart doorbell with SD card here, so that you can get more details in terms of this doorbell type.

If you have any questions or insights, please leave them in the comment below. We will add your ideas in the FAQ part!


#1. Video Doorbells with Local Storage 101

#2. Smart Doorbells with SD Card Top Picks

#3. Doorbells with Local Storage Hottest FAQs


#1. Smart Video Doorbells with Local Storage 101

A video doorbell camera with local storage can record the motion-triggered videos into the inserted SD card, when there are motion events.

When someone steps into the detecting area of your smart doorbell, the PIR sensor will be activated automatically, capture the motion events and record the motion event to the SD card.

Even without Internet access, the video doorbell can record the important footage into the SD memory card for your later playback so that you can review who and what triggered the motions.

You can read this post to get more details about video doorbells without WiFi.

Bump: If your doorbell is an ONVIF compliant doorbell, you can store the videos into the third-party devices, like QNAP NAS, but Internet access is needed.

A doorbell camera with SD card frees you from paying monthly fees for the video doorbell storage, which can save your budget in a long run.

You can learn more about video doorbells without subscription here.

One of the biggest benefits of doorbell cameras with local video storage is that you don’t need to worry about your videos will be hacked by the vicious hackers.

Usually, hackers would hack into your smart doorbells via Internet to gain access to the videos stored in the cloud.

Since your videos are saved in the local SD card, hackers cannot access the videos online.

Thus, wired or wireless video doorbells with SD memory card would be the most secure and unhackable video storage way.

#2. Best Smart Video Doorbell Cameras with Local Storage: Top 4 Picks

You’ll get 3 picks of best doorbell cameras with local storage, including SD-card supported type and ONVIF-compatible type.

Pick 1. Runzea Wireless Video Doorbell with SD Card

Runzea smart video doorbell comes with a 16GB SD card so that you can store the motion-triggered videos without cloud subscription.

This WiFi doorbell shoots the images in 720p HD so that you can review the recorded videos clearly.

The 170° wide viewing angle enables you to monitor a wide range of your front door, so you can get real-time push notifications before the visitor presses your doorbells.

The bonus point of this doorbell is that it provides free cloud storage, so you have 2 video storage options for saving motion-triggered footages.

Pick 2. eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell + Free Wireless Electronic Chime

eufy’s newest smart video doorbell features in its free and secure local storage option, so you don’t need to pay extra fees for video storage. This smart doorbell works with Google Assistant or Alexa, which enables you to use your voice to control the doorbell.

Its advanced smart detection zones enable you to customize the activity zone to suit your home. Thus you will only receive the notifications you want.

Pick 3. LaView ONE Halo WiFi Security Video Doorbell with On-Board Storage

LaView 2K smart doorbell supports up to 128GB SD card for your onboard storage, so you can save a great number of motion events in the SD card without paying for cloud storage.

This video doorbell features in its dual-band 2.4/5 GHz WiFi. You can switch to whichever WiFi frequency based on the network signal.

The 180° field of view can help you cover a wide range of your front porch, so you don’t need to mount multiple doorbells for monitoring your front doorstep.

You can watch the video below to learn more about how to install this security doorbell with local storage.

Pick 4. DoorBird Video Door Station D101 ONVIF Smart Doorbell with Local Recording

DoorBird ONVIF video doorbell can be used with other third-party software and devices.

For example, you can use this doorbell with QNAP NAS or Hikvision NVR to store the videos to these third-party devices locally, no need to pay monthly fees.

You can get lifetime video storage with a one-time purchase without signing long-term contracts or paying monthly cloud storage fees.

You can get the step-by-step guide in the video below to install this versatile ONVIF doorbell with local network storage.

#3. Hottest FAQs About Video Doorbells with Local Storage (Plus Quick Answers)

We aim to provide the best answers to any questions you may have about smart doorbells with local storage in this part so that you don’t need to spend extra time Googling answers.

You can leave your questions in the comment below and we will answer your questions ASAP and add them in this list.

Q 1. Is there a way to locally store videos from the Ring Pro, 2 or Elite?

Does Ring doorbell have local storage?

A 1: If you wonder whether you could add an SD card to your Ring Video Doorbell, 2, Pro or Elite for local storage, the answer is “No”.

The Ring Video Doorbell lineup DOES NOT have any local onboard storage. You can only access the doorbells to get live streaming for free, and store the videos into the cloud for 30 days (free).

After that, you’ll need to pay monthly fees for saving the video clips.

Q 2. Is there a smart doorbell that will record to a computer in my house and not require a subscription?

A 2: If you want to record the videos to your computer directly, it cannot be realized currently.

You can get an ONVIF doorbell, like the DoorBird doorbell, to store your videos to the third-party devices, so you won’t miss any important events.

Now it’s your turn to add more to this FAQ list!

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  • March 6, 2020 at 4:49 pm

    Your page did not give me the answers to the questions I was looking for (or not the answers I wanted in any case), but it seems to be the first page that seems to understand that WiFi != Internet, and that there may be a need/desire to use a Wifi device locally without the internet. Thank you!

  • June 14, 2021 at 12:04 am

    I am looking for a video doorbell that will ring my existing mechanical chimes, and has onboard storage.
    I see LaView ONE Halo HD 3MP 2K Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera, mentioned above will do this, but it is unavailable at
    Is there any other?


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