Is a Smart Video Doorbell Worth It? Check Top 3 Verdicts

Is Ring doorbell worth it? Should I buy a smart video doorbell?

So now you are about to purchase a video doorbell for your front door, but wonder if a smart video doorbell, like Ring doorbell, is worth your money.

You may consider the cost of purchasing the smart doorbell, installation fees, the maintenance costs, etc. which would be a huge investment.

The truth is: a smart video doorbell is definitely worth it.

You can check the top 3 verdicts below to see why you should invest in a smart doorbell.

Verdict 1. Smart Videos Are Extremely Effective


As you may know, home break-ins happen frequently.

According to the FBI, every 13s, a home break-in happens.

That’s why you should take precaution to secure your front door and keep your home safe.

And a video doorbell is one of the most effective ways.

A research was done by Ring (a smart video doorbell company), and Los Angeles & Newark Police Departments, that neighborhoods with Ring doorbells have proven to reduce home burglaries by up to 50%.

Based on the Electronic Security Association, around 83% of burglars would first determine if a home is with a smart home alarm system before they break into the property. And 60% of them would give up to seek another easier target once they realize there is a smart security system.

Jason W, from Fox Crossing Police Department, said “Thieves immediately notice the Ring Video Doorbell, which stops them dead in their tracks.”

Another invincible function of a video doorbell is that it can record motion-triggered videos.

In other words, if the worst situation happens – a home invasion happens, the smart doorbell can capture the invader’s face and record to the SD card in the doorbell, or upload the videos to the cloud for your later playback.

With clear videos, the police can help you catch the bad guy in a higher chance.

Video doorbells can act as normal doorbells. When someone presses the doorbells, you will get the “Ding-Dong” audible alerts (if you add a doorbell chime inside your house), and receive real-time app push notifications.

You can tap your smartphone to see who is waiting at your front door. You can even talk to the visitor with the two-way audio.

For example, if a delivery man delivers your package to your home, you can talk to the man to put your package in a safe position to prevent package theft.

Verdict 2. Smart Video Doorbells May Cost Less Than You Think


You might think a smart doorbell would cost several hundred or even thousand dollars.

Indeed, there are some extremely expensive doorbells in the market.

But there are still some cheap doorbells with high quality, which costs less than $100!

For example, Ring, the video doorbell giant, provides its first-generation smart doorbell with an affordable price.

Not to mention some smart doorbell startups, like Zmodo, can provide even much more cost-saving and fancy video doorbell for you!

Verdict 3. Home Break-ins Would Cost More Than You Think


The FBI shared statistics about home burglaries.

Over 2 million burglaries are committed each year, and the average value of stolen property and money per invasion is $2,119.

The total stolen property from burglaries each year is over $4 million.

Even worse, if a home break-in happens, homeowners might pay for home repairs as well.

Replacing a home door would cost at least $500, and the cost would go up depending on the size and the style of the door.

A locksmith may charge at least $200 to replace the locks of several doors.

If the window is broken, the average replacement costs are around $350 per window, plus labor.

So, is a Ring or Nest video doorbell worth it?

The answer is definitely YES!

Considering the average lost that a home break-in might bring, the cost of purchasing a smart video doorbell is just a piece of cake.

You can also enjoy the convenience and smart features by adding a video doorbell for your front door!

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